What is Appdome's My Apps?

Appdome’s My Apps is a significant part of Appdome platform, which can hold any Android and iOS mobile app.

This Knowledge Base article describes the benefits and capabilities of an Appdome account.

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About Appdome’s My Apps

The user account is a critical part of your private workspace on the Appdome platform. It enables you to upload and store an unlimited number of mobile app binaries associated with your account. This allows you to keep track of and save multiple mobile integration projects and return to your work app-by-app as you see fit.
We remember exactly where you left off, and preserve the app in the state that you left it.

By storing and organizing all of your mobile app binaries in a single library, you can easily enable your Appdome Fusion Sets configured by Appdome-DEV on any one of your mobile apps.

Your account is positioned to the left of the Appdome platform:

Congratulations – Enjoy Appdome’s My Apps and upload your apps!

How Do I Learn More?

Check out Appdome’s platform or request a demo at any time.

If you have any questions, please send them our way at support@appdome.com or via the chat window on the Appdome platform.

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Our mission is to make mobile integration easy. We hope we’re living up to the mission with your project. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for free.

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