Determining Your Best Appdome Account

Appdome has three account types to choose from: IDEAL, IDEAL with Appdome-GO and IDEAL with Appdome-DEV.

This Knowledge Base article reviews all Appdome account levels and explains which account level would be best for you.

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Which Appdome Account Is Right for Me?

Each Appdome account type is designed to support the mobile developer and/or mobile professional in completing no-code mobile integration projects using the Appdome Platform.

Account types vary in the capabilities available, with an increasing range of productivity, collaboration, and workflow features to support the individual developer, mobile teams and mobile organizations.

IDEAL is Appdome’s standard mobile security and solution account and offers access to all service categories on Appdome.  IDEAL requires an annual subscription license.

IDEAL with Appdome-GO is for enterprise mobility professionals who are looking for workflow and collaboration tools making team integration efforts painless and smooth. IDEAL with Appdome-GO requires an annual subscription license.

IDEAL with Appdome-DEV is for developers who are looking for CI/CD integration, automatic deployment to public appstores and other other tools to automate and integrate the building of their mobile apps into their existing workflows. IDEAL with Appdome-DEV requires an annual subscription license.

How Do I Learn More?

To get a deeper look at the different services available with each Appdome account type, click here.

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