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What would enhance broad adoption of mobile app security? Perhaps if the service was both free and comprehensive.

That’s the thinking behind Appdome’s latest move. The mobile industry’s first cloud service that automates mobile integration, Appdome will offer its award-winning security suite to all users of its new mobile integration AppFusion platform for free – and forever.

“Security holds a place of prominence for mobile developers and users alike, especially in enterprise,” the Appdpme team tells us. “Recent studies show that 76 percent of CIOs mark security as the top concern. The problem, 56 percent of enterprises admit, is that with the app security offered today, companies are unlikely to detect a sophisticated mobile threat.”

Though enterprises want mobile security, the process of adding tight security to an application is often an expensive and time-delaying task for developers.

“The demand for mobile security is higher than it has ever been, but there’s an enormous disparity in how it’s being supplied and leveraged in the market,” said Tom Tovar, the CEO of Appdome. “We’ve invested more than 3 years and $30 million in developing a top notch mobile security suite and want enterprises to benefit from our continued investment in this area.”

Appdome’s security suite is a comprehensive mobile security offering featuring:

  • Mobile DLP including data at rest encryption, secure data container, and copy/paste protection.
  • Advanced App Protection including blocking of application tampering, reversing, debugging, and pharming.
  • OS Integrity including Jailbreak and Root protection.
  • Secure Mobile Communications including man-in-the-middle and session hijacking protection.
  • Mobile Compliance including FIPS 140-2 compliance.

More information about Appdome’s mobile security suite or to request a demo of the AppFusion platform is here.

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