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Get Your Free 10-Minute Demo Now!

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Using Appdome’s mobile app security build system, deliver comprehensive protections in Android & iOS apps so that you will never fail a pen test, no coding, and no SDKs. 

Build mobile app protections in the DevOps pipeline with ease. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.

Ask about these other top features of Appdome no-code Protections to Pass a Pen Test

Anti-Tampering and Anti-Reversing

Build Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) application security and prevent Android and iOS apps from being changed, modified, patched, or tampered with during the pen test. Prevent pen testers from reverse-engineering mobile apps.

Block Frida and Magisk

Prevent the use of all modern methods and pen testing tools including Magisk, Magisk Hide, Magisk Manager, Frida, memory tampering, memory injection, key injection, fake clicks and fake event, hooking and hooking frameworks, speed hacking, and more.

Block Dynamic Attacks and Tools

Stop pen testers from using DBIs, instrumentation, simulators, emulators and players. Prevent the use of debugging tools to instrument, set breakpoints and run exploits during the pen test. Build protections from DevOps pipeline, no SDK and no coding required.

Build Protections in DevOps Pipeline

Appdome's security build system is compatible with all DevOps and CI/CD tools, testing suites and crash reporting platforms. Connect Appdome's security build system to any of Jenkins, Bitrise, Circle CI, Travis CI, Team City, App Center and other DevOps systems. Test Appdome protected apps on testing suites like Saucelabs, BitBar, Browserstack and more.

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