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Secure Android App Bundle aab on Appdome without coding
All-in-One Mobile App Security

Secure Android App Bundle (.aab) on Appdome

Starting August 2021, Google Play will require that developers publish their apps using the Android App Bundle (.aab). Android developers can build a secure android app bundle on Appdome, instantly, without code or coding.

video: Appdome adds no-code mobile app security in under a minute to any Android and iOS app
All-in-One Mobile App Security

No-Code Mobile App Security in Under a Minute

This video shows two end-to-end no-code mobile app security use cases. Preventing an app from launching on an Android device that has Developer Options turned on, and adding copy/paste prevention to a mobile app.


Ransomware: Mobile Apps Are the Weak Link

Malware can harvest unprotected network information stored in mobile apps, allowing fraudsters to launch ransomware attacks on the back end. This makes mobile apps the weak link when protecting your networks from ransomware attacks.

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