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Programs & Pricing

Read on about the programs Appdome offers for app pubishers and mobile dev-shops that build apps for others. See the benefits of becoming an Appdome partner and let Appdome support your mobile integration journey.

Appdome for App Publishers Program Overview
Appdome for App Publishers Service
FAQ: Appdome for App Publishers
Appdome for Mobile Dev Shops | When you build apps for others

Solution Briefs

Learn more about how Appdome works and what Appdome offers in security, entperise mobility management (EMM), mobile identity and more.

Appdome Platform Overview
AppFusion versus App Wrapping
Appdome for Mobile Identity
Appdome Mobile Security Suite
Appdome for Appconfig

Partner Datasheets

Appdome partners with industry leading, best of breed providers in mobile security, mobility and mobile app management, and mobile identity to make the job of integrating these services simple and fast. Read more about adding Blackberry, Airwatch, MobileIron, IBM and others to your apps in minutes.

Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics
Appdome for Appaloosa
Appdome for Airwatch
Appdome for MobileIron
Appdome for Blackberry Messenger
Appdome for BehavioSec
Appdome for Mattermost

Tips and Guides

At Appdome, we pride ourselves on being thought leaders in mobilitly and mobile integration. Read these informative e-Guides on everyhting from how to choose the right integration solution, avoiding pitfalls in mobile integraiton and more.

The Ultimate Developer's Guide to Mobile Application Security
The Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Challenges
The Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Right Mobile Integration Solution
Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Appdome’s AppFusion with the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK
Scale Mobile App Development by Empowering the Citizen Developer

User Guides

Follow these step-by-step user guides on using Appdome for Blackberry (EMM) and Appdome for Appaloosa (MAM). See just how easy it is to add services to your apps in minutes.

Appdome for App Publishers
Appdome for Blackberry Dynamics
Appdome for Appaloosa

White Papers

These informative white papers answer the most common questions we get when customers and prospects ask "why Appdome?" Download them and, then, let's talk live to share with you what we do!

Choosing a Mobile App Integration Solution
Simplifying Mobile App Integration with SDKs
Mobile Integration Done Right | Fusion vs. Other Methods to Integrate Services to Apps
Delivering Security with Speed; A joint whitepaper from BlackBerry and Appdome

How Appdome Works - Videos

Seeing is believing and every one of these videos demonstrates how, on Appdome, app makers and entperise customers alike can add services to apps in minutes - all with no code or coding.

Welcome to Appdome
Appdome vs. Manual Coding | The Race
Appdome's App Publisher Workbench | Making Apps Available for Integration
Appdome Security Suite | Video Demonstration
Enterprise Mobility
AppFusion with an MADP

Analyst Reports

Read what industry vetrans and analysts say about Appdome. We think you'll agree, we're making a big imapct on this mobile and mobility market. 

Ovum: On the Radar: Appdome AppFusion, a codeless platform for mobile integration

Partner and Product Webinars

See and hear the replays of our most popular webinars, describing our features and offerings that make mobile integration easy - for everyone!

Fusing Enterprise Apps with BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
BlackBerry and Appdome Joint Webinar
Securing Apps without Coding; AppFusion for Good
Clear the Backlog Roadblock: How Mobile Product Managers Can Reduce Time to Market

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