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Appdome for CI/CD Delivers

“Appdome’s cloud-based fusion process enables the integration of compliance,
security, mobility, Single-Sign On (SSO), mobile identity, VPN and
analytics solutions, without coding…any purpose the customer chooses.”

“This product allows mobile app ISVs and enterprise developers to easily integrate
management, security and other SDKs from multiple vendors.”

Best of vmworld, 2017 | Best of vmworld

“The cloud-based service accelerates mobility projects
and allows multiple functions to be combined with a single app.”

“Appdome fuses applications with additional security policies, such as anti-tampering and code obfuscation.
I&O pros can also quickly add one or multiple EMM-specific SDKs to mobile apps,
which speeds delivery and drives down costs.”

Forrester Research, 2018 | Forrester Research

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Appdome-GO Accelerates Your Mobile App Lifecycle

Improve and extend CI/CD workflows. Empower app owners, increase productivity and efficiency in your app delivery. Automate and repeat standard implementations across all your apps. Features include:
  • Build-to-Publish APIs to Connect to CI/CD Systems
  • End-to-End mobile integration templates
  • Role-based Team Entitlements
  • Automatic release to public and private app stores
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Improve Your Existing CI/CD Workflows

Extend the benefit of continuous integration and continuous delivery by adding Appdome to existing CI/CD workflows.

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Appdome Platform

No-Code Mobile Integration Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Appdome leverages the industry’s first AI-Digital Developer™ known as “AMI.” AMI completes mobile integration projects in seconds, eliminates manual development, eases mobile integration maintenance and completes thousands of diverse mobile integration projects simultaneously without source code. Features include:
  • 100% No-Code Mobile Integrations
  • 1,000s of Feature, SDK, API, and Vendor Choices
  • Guaranteed Compatibility and Outcomes
  • Easy Point-and-Click Interface
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Bringing More to Mobile Everywhere in 2019

January 15th, 2019|

Happy New Year everyone! @Appdome, we're welcoming 2019 with awe and inspiration. Last year continued to teach us so much about what IT, Security, SecOps, Mobile Product and Mobility teams need from Appdome. It also opened our eyes to the increasing role Appdome plays in mobile development.We expect mobile development organizations, including app makers, ISVs, SIs and internal development groups to be an increasingly big part of our future. Last year, major mobile app vendors chose Appdome to deliver customized versions of their mobile apps to customers. Others [...]

Appdome Announces Trusted Session Inspection

August 29th, 2018|

Hello Appdome Community, I hope you read the last blog I wrote about our support for non-native applications with our TOTALCode™ Obfuscation solution for Android and iOS apps. I am just as excited to tell you about another innovation to our mobile security line up. It’s called Trusted Session Inspection.

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