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Deploy comprehensive, no-code, mobile app security inside Android and iOS apps in seconds. Secure mobile apps, data and users. Safeguard your mobile code base and intellectual property. Deliver complete, autonomous, Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), including TOTALData™ encryption, TOTALCode™ Obfuscation,ONEShield™ anti-tampering, anti-debugging, jailbreak and root protection and more today.

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Appdome for Mobile App Security Delivers

“Appdome’s cloud-based fusion process enables the integration of compliance,
security, mobility, Single-Sign On (SSO), mobile identity, VPN and
analytics solutions, without coding…any purpose the customer chooses.”

“This product allows mobile app ISVs and enterprise developers to easily integrate
management, security and other SDKs from multiple vendors.”

Best of vmworld, 2017 | Best of vmworld

“The cloud-based service accelerates mobility projects
and allows multiple functions to be combined with a single app.”

“Appdome fuses applications with additional security policies, such as anti-tampering and code obfuscation.
I&O pros can also quickly add one or multiple EMM-specific SDKs to mobile apps,
which speeds delivery and drives down costs.”

Forrester Research, 2018 | Forrester Research

Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Developer’s Guide to Mobile App Security

Learn how and why to add in-app protections to your Android and iOS apps. Topics include jailbreak, mobile privacy, data encryption, code obfuscation, app-shielding and more. Secure native and non-native apps from first use, including React Native, Cordova and Xamarin built apps.
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  • Instant Remediation for Mobile Security Threats

Instant Remediation for Mobile Security Threats – OWASP Top 10

September 16th, 2019|

In a previous blog, Gil Hartman, our VP of Engineering, detailed how Appdome can help protect mobile apps against all OWASP Mobile Top 10 risks. Last week, one of our partners in Latin America introduced me to the Free OWASP Mobile App Security Test from Immuniweb. What a great tool! They were using the tool to test the vulnerability of mobile apps on behalf of a customer, including the pre- and post- Appdome security features in the Appdome-built app. The target app [...]

Better Mobility for the Modern Workforce

August 20th, 2019|

Our customers came to us with a new use case for enterprise mobility: “How do we securely get mobile apps to all of our employees, rather than just the subset of employees on an MDM, EMM or MAM system?” They now use Appdome to deploy custom mobile apps, cost-effectively, [...]

Appdome’s ready for Android 64-bit apps, are you?

July 25th, 2019|

All Android apps published to Google Play must have 64-bit support by Aug. 1, 2019. Surprised? You shouldn’t be – word went out to the Android ecosystem more than a year ago. The benefits are clear: adding a 64-bit version of your app provides performance [...]

Zero Compromise

Advanced App-Shielding

Add comprehensive mobile app-shielding instantly and directly to Android and iOS binaries. Protections include anti-tampering, anti-debugging, anti-reversing, encryption for strings and preferences, and code obfuscation.
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Top Highlight

Critical Mobile App
Security in Seconds

Secure Android and iOS apps at every level, including mobile app data, mobile communications, privacy and advanced app-shielding, all without code or coding. Developer options available!
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Code Obfuscation With No Trade-offs

Appdome’s TOTALCode™ Obfuscation

No-code, code obfuscation solution that protects the entire Android or iOS codebase, framework, structure, logic, file systems (including DLL and JS files), SDKs, strings and secrets contained in the app. No performance trade-offs or modifications are required to “comply” with obfuscation techniques.
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See “step by step” guides and deeper technical information on the technology and features that make Appdome work. Every day, our technology solves tough integration challenges for 1000s of developers, B2B, B2E and B2C app makers, mobility and security professionals.
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