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Appdome for the Digital Workplace Delivers

“Appdome’s cloud-based fusion process enables the integration of compliance,
security, mobility, Single-Sign On (SSO), mobile identity, VPN and
analytics solutions, without coding…any purpose the customer chooses.”

“This product allows mobile app ISVs and enterprise developers to easily integrate
management, security and other SDKs from multiple vendors.”

Best of vmworld, 2017 | Best of vmworld

“The cloud-based service accelerates mobility projects
and allows multiple functions to be combined with a single app.”

“Appdome fuses applications with additional security policies, such as anti-tampering and code obfuscation.
I&O pros can also quickly add one or multiple EMM-specific SDKs to mobile apps,
which speeds delivery and drives down costs.”

Forrester Research, 2018 | Forrester Research

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Mobile Apps
in the Digital Workplace

Blast into the mobile age! Don’t wait or struggle with manual coding just to deliver authentication, EMM, MAM or security to Android and iOS apps. Appdome offers a fast, no-code, do-it-yourself way to add critical enterprise services to mobile apps needed by enterprise users.
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Enterprise Mobility

Releasing mobile apps inside your unique digital workplace used to be a challenge. Now, you can solve for any mobile app use case in seconds.
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Migrate to Microsoft Intune Without Missing a Beat

Migrate your entire mobile app estate to Microsoft Intune quickly and easily. Without writing any code whatsoever, implement the full Microsoft Intune SDK, Appdome’s MicroVPN features, and a wide variety of Microsoft authentication services to any Android and iOS app in seconds.
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Recent Blog Posts on Digital Workplace

Appdome Empowers Mobile Developer Choice

June 8th, 2018|

The number one question raised when presenting Appdome to folks is, “Will Appdome work with my app if it is built in [Native Xcode, Android Studio, React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, Kony, etc.]?” This question is a critical one. My goal is to help newcomers and business teams assess the role of Appdome in achieving their mobile strategies.

  • Appdome SSO Banner

Appdome for SSO+ – A Better Way to Add SSO to Mobile Apps

May 23rd, 2018|

We’re excited to be in Vegas to attend Oktane ’18 as a sponsor and Okta partner. We are showcasing a new mobile identity service called Appdome for SSO+, which enables enterprises to add native single sign-on (SSO) to any mobile app instantly, without coding.

  • Appdome Add EMM SDK to Apps

Instantly Add Any EMM SDK Plus Secure Browser, Secure Mail to Mobile Apps

April 3rd, 2018|

Appdome has released some of our biggest features (include adding any EMM SDK, secure browser and secure mail to apps) since our launch 1 year ago. Now we feature many of our core mobile integration use cases and resources for organizations in regulated industries like Financial Services, Healthcare, Government and Legal.

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Appdome-GO Enables Fast Enterprise Mobile App Delivery

Appdome-GO empowers IT, DevOps, Security and LOBs teams to customize and deploy any Android and iOS mobile app to their digital workforce. Appdome-GO offers the following key functionality:
  • Unlimited Implementation Templates for repeatable integrations across apps
  • On-Platform Release Teams for shared app delivery workflows
  • Release Teams role entitlements to support organizational mapping
  • On-Platform and Private signing
  • Auto Deploy to Private/Enterprise Appstores
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Making B2E Mobile Apps
Enterprise-Ready in Seconds

Learn How to Satisfy Enterprise-Specific Requirements Fast

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See “step by step” guides and deeper technical information on the technology and features that make Appdome work. Every day, our technology solves tough integration challenges for 1000s of developers, B2B, B2E and B2C app makers, mobility and security professionals.
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