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Key Benefits for Mobile Commerce Apps

Prevent Mobile Commerce App Breaches With


Appdome’s MobileTRUST™ is a complete, end-to-end mobile app security solution that detects and prevents breaches in m-commerce apps by providing a comprehensive defense against mobile attacks.
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Deliver Mobile Trust to your Mobile Commerce Apps, Guaranteed!

Focus your mobile developers on creating a great mobile commerce experience.
Use Appdome to detect and prevent breaches in your m-commerce apps.
Protect every build instantly by integrating Appdome with your CI/CD system.
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Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Developer’s Guide to Mobile App Security

Learn how and why to add in-app protections to your Android and iOS apps. Topics include jailbreak, mobile privacy, data encryption, code obfuscation, app-shielding and more. Secure native and non-native apps from first use, including React Native, Cordova and Xamarin built apps.
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Mobile Commerce Requires Mobile Trust

June 5th, 2019|

Mobile commerce, also known as "m-commerce," is the use of smartphones and tablets, to conduct commercial transactions online. The three main categories are; Mobile Shopping, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment. By next year, 2020, mobile commerce transactions are expected to reach $250B, or half of all online sales. Think about it, in less than 12 months from now, 50% of all e-commerce transactions will be made on a mobile device. This is up from 34% in 2017. No surprise then that 50% of [...]

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Accelerate your App Lifecycle

Appdome-DEV empowers mobile developers to customize, enhance and deploy their apps to public and private app stores and offers:
  • All Appdome-GO Features
  • CI/CD integration + Automated Integration Life Cycle
  • Advanced Team Controls and App Approvals
  • Advanced Security Controls + Appdome-DEV Events
  • Flex-Release™ – shared templates and Fused-Apps
  • TOTALData™ encryption
  • Auto Deploy to public and private App-stores
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See “step by step” guides and deeper technical information on the technology and features that make Appdome work. Every day, our technology solves tough integration challenges for 1000s of developers, B2B, B2E and B2C app makers, mobility and security professionals.
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