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No-Code security for Android and iOS apps.
Protect consumer and enterprise mobile apps fast.
All without coding a thing!

No-Code security for Android and iOS apps. Protect consumer and enterprise mobile apps fast. All without coding a thing!

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Rapid Security Solutions for All Mobile Developers 

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An Un-Protected App Again

Use Appdome’s NeverForget™ Security Templates and build-to-publish APIs to fully automate the security feature set inside your Android and iOS apps, directly from any dev-tool or CI/CD system, including Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI, TeamCity, Unity and more.

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Build Your Mobile App. Appdome will secure it for you.

Appdome offers developers the freedom to secure Android and iOS apps automatically, adding any combination of mobile app security, biometric authentication, MFA, enterprise authentication, remote access, UEM/MAM, mobile threat solutions and more quickly and easily.

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Appdome Platform


No-Code Mobile App Security Built by Artificial Intelligence

Appdome is the industry’s first AI-powered coding engine mobile developers use to build security, authentication, mobile threat, and UEM/MAM features into Android and iOS apps and building entirely new, secure, hybrid mobile apps from web and cloud apps, all in seconds with no code or coding. Features include:

  • 100% No-Code Encryption, Obfuscation, Shielding, RASP and more for Android and iOS
  • 1,000s of Security Choices, including mobile threat SDKs, MFA APIs, and more.
  • Compatibility with Native and Non-Native Apps, including Xamarin, Cordova and React Native
  • Secure Existing Apps or Build New Apps on Appdome!

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Get the Platform Data Sheet

No-Code App Security with Mobile Developer Choice

100% Compatibility
With Top Development Environments

Build secure mobile apps with Appdome directly from any dev-environment or CI/CD system, including Jenkins, Travis, and more. Appdome offers easy-to- use mobile app security templates and complete build-to-publish APIs to fully automate mobile security in any app.

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