How to Understand Appdome Version Numbering

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Appdome Version number’s structure provides visibility that allows for better management of release cycles and certification processes. This knowledge base article explains the structure of Appdome Version number and specifies the locations where it is displayed on the platform.

Version Number Structure

The Appdome Engine version number has the following structure:

Fusion Number Explained Chart

Namely: <Platform>.<OS>.<Build>.<Revision>. For example: 4.14.2640.50501

The various components of the version number are as follows:

  1. Platform
    Appdome major version number. Any modification (increase) of this number reflects a significant change in the product, such as a newly available feature set.
  2. OS
    Indicates compatibility with a major version of the mobile OS, either iOS or Android.
    For example:
    4.16 – for iOS
    4.13 – for Android
  3. Build
    Indicates the branch. This number can have either of the following values:

    • “1”: The value “1” indicates a formal (master/release) branch, namely: Appdome’s main product version. For example, for Android 13.
    • Any other value: All other versions get their own, unique version number. For example, if version_X and version_Y are developed simultaneously, all builds from version_X may get the number 443 and all builds from version_Y get the number 763.
      Note: The build number is consistent and unique per version. In other words large numbers do not indicate newer builds; such progress is reflected in the Revision number (part 4).
  4. Revision
    A 5-digit number that indicates the most recent code change.
    The revision number changes further to any modification of the code.

Examples of Version Numbers

The examples below show version numbers from the various builds, assuming that the Appdome main product version is 4, iOS version is 14, and Android version is 11.

  • – An iOS build from master/release branch.
  • 4.13.763.43548 – An Android build from a certain side branch.
  • 4.13.763.43553 – An Android build from the same side branch as the one mentioned above.

Where is the Version Number Displayed

The Appdome Version number is displayed in the following locations:

  • Fusion Set dropdown
    If Appdome Version is frozen, the Appdome Version number is displayed when hovering the Freeze icon.
    Fs Dropdown 1a Version On HoverFs1 Dropdown Menu 2 Version On Hover
  • Fusion Set details
    Upon enabling (toggling On) Freeze Fusion Set, the check box Freeze Appdome Version is displayed. As seen in the images below, the Appdome Version is displayed next to the check box, regardless of whether the check box is selected.
    03b Freeze Fusion Set Save Annotation
    04b Freeze Appdome Version [21]
  • Appdome Certificate
    The Appdome Version number is displayed in the certificate header.
    Certificate No Freeze V2

Prerequisites to Use Appdome Protection on Android and iOS Apps

In order to protect your app by using Appdome, you need the following:

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