Mobile Piracy Prevention
Without Coding. No SDK.

Learn more about Appdome's no-code mobile piracy prevention solution for Android and iOS apps:

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Prevent Mobile App Piracy and Trojans, Fast

With Appdome, mobile developers and publishers can ensure Android and iOS apps will not be copied or become trojan apps after the app is published to the public app store. Appdome validates that apps signed for Apple App Store and Google Play cannot be distributed through any other app stores.

Total Anti-Piracy Protection, DevSecOps Ease

With every release of Android and IOS apps, release features that prevent mobile trojans, clones, fakes, mods, mobile IP loss and more. Stop anyone from modifying legitimate iOS and Android apps, create malware trojans and malicious versions used to compromise and attack mobile users. No SDK or API. No code required.

Protect Your Brand, User Experience & Trust

When mobile consumers trust your app, they are more likely to download and use you app in their daily lives. Studies have shown that increased trust leads to increase in-app purchases and purchasing via mobile apps. Android and iOS users get the experience you intended and you preserve the mobile ARPU, LTV and other metrics needed from your app.

Protect Mobile User Acquisition Strategies

Mobile user or consumer acquisition takes work. Mobile fakes and mods undermine your mobile user acquisition strategies and increase the cost of mobile user acquisition. Block others from redistributing fake or cloned or modified versions of your app on malicious or alternative app stores, stealing your users and making it harder to attract users to your mobile app.

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