In the Mobile App Security free trial:

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    Deliver Mobile App Security in Android & iOS apps Fast

    Build, test and validate Mobile App Security, RASP, Encryption, Obfuscation, Jailbreak/Root and MiTM Attack defense in Android AAB, APK, and iOS IPA, Bitcode using Appdome. 100% No Code, No SDK.

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    Complete a Rapid POC, Mobile Application Security

    Use Appdome to add Mobile App Security to Android & iOS Apps today. Guarantee Android & iOS compliance and pass pen tests and code scans from popular open-source tools, and commercial offerings, like MobSF, NowSecure, Veracode, and other tools.

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    Use Threat-Events™ for in-app UX control when Mobile App Security Attacks Happen

    Use Appdome's Threat-Events™, in-app intelligence and control framework, to gather threat intel and control the user experience when hacking, reverse engineering, MiTM, hooking, Jailbreak & Root and other attacks happen.

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    Build Mobile App Security in DevOps CI/CD

    Connect Appdome’s DevSecOps platform to your DevOps CI/CD system. Build mobile app security, RASP, Obfuscation, encryption, app-shielding and more in the DevOps pipeline automatically.

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    Improve DevSecOps with Certified Secure™ Mobile App Security

    Release management visibility and control with Certified Secure™ Mobile App Security for Android and iOS apps in CI/CD.