Data-Driven DevSecOps™ in CI/CD

Make Mobile DevSecOps Better

Appdome’s DevSecOps platform automatically builds mobile RASP security, fraud prevention, anti-cheat, and malware defense in Android & iOS apps in the DevOps pipeline. Protect Android & iOS apps better in agile DevSecOps tool in CI/CD. No code, no SDKs, no server required.

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Data-Driven DevSecOps Platform Delivers
Visibility, Management & Control for Security in CI/CD

Data-Driven Android & iOS Protection in DevSecOps Tool

Appdome’s mobile DevSecOps  platform with ThreatScope™, mobile security operation center (SOC) and real-time mobile attack and threat intelligence, to deliver better protection choices in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Make data-driven decisions on which Android & iOS protections to deploy or prove the impact of protections in each release against live attacks in real time.

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Guaranteed Security, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Malware Defense

Guarantee mobile app security, anti-fraud, and malware prevention in Android & iOS apps with Appdome’s DevSecOps platform. Connect Appdome to any CI/CD and automatically build any of the 100s of Certified Secure™ mobile app defenses in native or framework Android & iOS apps. Dev-APIs for AppCenter, Bitrise, TeamCity, CircleCI, Jenkins, Gitlab, more.

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Better DevSecOps Tool for Compliance & Orchestration

Deliver controlled, consistent, auditable mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware and anti-cheat defenses in CI/CD. Use full release orchestration and control to create, save and version and release mobile protections in Android & iOS. Get build and event logging, in-line build certification, user access control, as well as reporting tools to guarantee compliance.

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No-Code Mobile App Security Built by Artificial Intelligence

Appdome is the industry’s first AI-powered no-code security coding engine capable of adding security, authentication, mobile threat, and UEM/MAM features into Android and iOS apps and building entirely new, secure, hybrid mobile apps, all in seconds with no code or coding.

Get Started With Appdome Today

Sign up and for free. Follow four easy steps to secure your Android or iOS app, data and users in minutes. No learning curve. No SDKs to build. No libraries integrate. No APIs or development work required. We’re happy to help!

Sign Up for Free

Appdome is a self-serve, do-it-yourself, no-code mobile app security platform that anyone can use. Sign up for free today and see how easy mobile security can be!

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Upload Android or iOS apps

Upload Android (.apk), Android Application Bundles (.aab) and iOS (.ipa) apps built in any development environment. No source code required.

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Select any Feature, SDK or API

Use a point and click interface to choose from a wide variety of security features and best-of-breed security vendors for mobile threat, MFA, Mobile Authentication, UEM-MAM and more.

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Click “Build My App”

Appdome’s patented no-code mobile integration technology instantly adds the chosen security features and vendors to mobile apps in minutes.

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Let's Solve the Biggest Challenge in Mobile DevSecOps, Together

The biggest challenge in mobile DevSecOps is this – how to better operationalize mobile app security in the CI/CD pipeline. Take an engineering approach to DevSecOps. Build Certified Secure™ mobile app defense and threat intelligence in Android & iOS apps with ease using an automated DevSecOps platformGain agility, efficiency and consistency in your mobile DevSecOps. Protect Android & iOS apps from hackers, reverse engineering, mobile fraud and mobile malware better. 

Appdome’s mobile DevSecOps platform is a do-it-yourself, no-code, mobile app security, anti-fraud and malware defense solution that anyone can use. Use Appdome stand-alone or in a CI/CD pipeline. Sign up for free today and secure your first Android or IOS app today!

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Upload Android Or Ios Apps 02

After you sign up, upload an Android binary (.apk), Android Application Bundle (.aab) or iOS binary (.ipa). The Android or iOS app can built natively or in any framework such as Obj-C, Swift, JS, Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, Cordova, Unity and more. No source code required (yay). 

Choose the mobile app security, RASP, obfuscation, encryption, mobile fraud prevention, anti-cheat and malware defense features for Android & iOS apps. If you want, you can save, version and lock (freeze) your selections in a mobile app protection template. To automate multiple mobile app security projects, you can subscribe 1 or more of your mobile apps to each template and perform batch jobs via CI/CD.  

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Click Build My App 04

To initiate the Build command, use Appdome’s CI/CD Dev-API or click “Build My App” on the Appdome console. Appdome will do the work for you and instantly add your chosen mobile protections into the mobile app(s) in minutes. When done, you’ll get a Certified secure™ certificate that guarantees the protections in each build of each Android or iOS App. 

Use real-time attack and threat intelligence and witness mobile app defenses at work against live attacks in your production environment. Hint: You can deploy Appdome’s ThreatScope™, threat intelligence first, and make data-based decisions on what protections to deploy in each release. No code, No SDK and No Servers needed for ThreatScope™. 

Threat Events

Guaranteed Mobile App Protection plus
Release Orchestration in DevOps

Appdome is the only patented DevSecOps platform delivering no-code, no-SDK, Certified Secure™ mobile app security, fraud prevention, anti-malware, and anti-cheat defenses into Android and iOS apps. Enjoy full release orchestration, control and mobile attack and threat intelligence in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Eliminate SDK dependencies and guesswork between releases. Skip the failed audits and failed pen tests. Make mobile app security and DevSecOps compliance easy. 

Build vs. Assess, Solve DevSecOps the DevOps way!

With Appdome’s DevSecOps platform, developers can focus on features and use as system to build and deploy comprehensive mobile app security inside Android and iOS apps. To achieve DevOps and CI/CD goals, mobile development teams need automated build process to deliver in-app protections in mobile apps (not more tickets to resolve). Security should be delivered the same way the development team builds to deploy other features in a mobile app. 

If you want more time to focus on your amazing end-user experience, and not security tickets, Appdome is your answer. Contact us today, we can help. 

Open the Appdome Platform Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using Appdome no-code security for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from from unauthorized access, user level attacks and data breaches fast. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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Compatible with All DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Platforms