Automate Mobile App Defense

Better Anti-Modding
Defense at DevOps Speed

Use one unified platform to build, test, monitor and respond with anti-modding features in Android & iOS games in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Deliver in-app defense against mobile modding including tools like Lucky Patcher, Flex, Xposed, CreeHack, Freedom and other tools that allow speed hacking, point flooding, process injection, code injection, hooking, memory editing in Android & iOS games without burdening mobile engineering. Certify anti-modding compliance to deliver better mobile anti-modding with ease. All CI/CD pipelines. No code, No SDKs, and No servers required.

The Only Mobile Anti-Modding Platform
Continuous Anti-Modding Defense for All Mobile Games

Automate the Work Out
of Anti-Modding

Mobile developers have enough on their plate. With Appdome, game developers deliver better anti-hacking & anti-modding protections with less work, using automation to build, test, release & monitor anti-modding in Android & iOS games. Gain continuous anti-modding defense with less cost & complexity.

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Keep Full Control
When Attacks Happen

When mobile app hacking and modding attacks happen in your Android & iOS apps, Appdome's Threat-Events™ intelligence framework delivers rich data and telemetry to your mobile application so you stay in control of the brand experience, gather threat intelligence, stop cheats, and keep users playing the game.

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Gain Resilience, Faster Detection & Response

With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, you can prove the value of the anti-hacking and anti-modding features in your published Android & iOS apps, keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors, and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically.

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Are You a Game Developer?

Build mobile anti-modding with automation.

We’re mobile developers too. We built Appdome to make it easy on mobile developers to maintain agility and continuously deliver anti-modding features in Android & iOS apps built in any coding language or framework including Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Maui, Xamarin, and more. Plugins and APIs are out-of-the-box ready for all parts of the mobile DevOps ecosystem. Contact us to learn more!

Are you a Mobile Developer?

Appdome Platform Advantage
Build, Monitor, Respond in One

Build, monitor and respond with mobile anti-modding features stand-alone or in combination any of 300+ other anti-cheat, mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-bot and geo compliance features in one platform in minutes. Appdome's platform dynamically adjusts the anti-modding features to fit your Android & iOS game, ensuring the highest performance and stability in production. Each mobile anti-modding feature uses an active defense model to filter out false positives and deliver the highest fidelity attack detection, data and response every time. Explore our anti-modding knowledge base or browse the top solution categories below to solve mobile anti-modding today.

Block Commercial Cheat Apps

Appdome detects and prevents the creation and use of commercial grade, for profit, Android & iOS mobile game cheats and cheat engines like Cheat Engine and GameGuardian as well as mods and hacks created from legitimate mobile apps and games, to stop attacks against in-app economies, prevent fraud, and stop unfair game play. Commercial grade mods and cheats can include tampered & repackaged mobile apps, cheats that rely on Jailbreak, jailbreak bypass, Root, root hiding, and virtualization tools like Parallel Spaces and Correllium used to create multiple accounts for bi-directional cheating and fraud.

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Block Dynamic Binary Instrumentation

Stop mobile game mod and cheat creators from using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation (DBI) attacks to modify how legitimate Android & iOS apps work, including using frameworks like DynamoRIO, adbi, QBDI, DynInst and more to run the mobile app to observe (dynamic analysis) or insert arbitrary code (instrument) into the app. Appdome delivers total protection against mobile DBI attacks used in modding, including dynamic anti-tampering, anti-patching, anti-hooking, runtime bundle checks, checksum, and app store signature validation, all to prevent app modification, modding and similar attacks.

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Detect Memory Editing Attacks

Memory editing is a common technique used in Android & iOS mobile app modding because the attacker is not really interested in altering the business logic of the mobile app. In a memory editing attack, the attacker's aim is to change values, points, currencies, status, rank, attributes or other elements in the Android or iOS app for mobile cheating, event manipulation or mobile fraud. Appdome's Anti-Cheat defense provides a no code, in-app defense to memory editing, memory injection, ptracing, ptrace based attacks, VM-read/write patching, nmap attacks, SQL injection, and more.

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Block Mobile Code & Library Injection

With Appdome's Anti-Injection Attack feature set, mobile developers can detect and prevent hackers, pen testers and others from using code, process, library and other injection methods and tools, like Interposing, fishhook, smali patching, odex patching, info.plist attacks, plist hacking, dvmap malware methods and more to inject static or dynamic libraries into Android & iOS apps. Injecting code and libraries offers hackers and researchers almost unparalleled ability to change, alter or interfere with the legitimate business logic of a mobile app and can be loaded at initialization or at any point where swizzling and similar methods can't function.

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Detect Android App Player Emulators

Detect when your Android mobile app is run on an Android app player emulator, or modding platform, such as BlueStacks, Memu and Nox Player and control the user experience, app functionality or mobile game play when Android Player emulators and modding platforms are in use. Block speed attacks, modding and patching used by these systems to create unfair advantage and open the door to point and virtual currency fraud with ease inside Android and iOS apps. Detect when Android players are in use with your app, gather data, and determine the best enforcement option in real-time.

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Block Frida-Based Cheats & Mods

With Appdome's Anti-Cheat solution, mobile developers and cyber teams can implement in-app defense to Frida Dynamic Instrumentation tool, a bedrock modding platform used in mobile games and mobile apps. With Appdome, mobile developers and security professionals can block Frida from instrumenting, patching, hooking, running shell code inside the app quickly and easily. Includes in-app defense to Frida Dynamic Instrumentation, Frida patching, Frida shell code, custom Frida modules, Frida attach and spawn modes, pthread injection, gadget mode, memory dumping and more.

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Mobile Code Obfuscation

With TOTALCode™ Obfuscation, mobile brand automate the work out of obfuscating Android & iOS apps in the CI/CD pipeline. Protect apps from static code analysis, mobile app pen testing, method tracing, and more. Obfuscate mobile app binaries, app logic, file systems, function calls, method and class names, control flows, debug information, and more. Code obfuscation for native and framework based Android and iOS apps, including Swift, Objective C, C++, Java, JS, Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Ionic, Unity, Flutter, and more. No code decoration. No SDK. No exclusions required.

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Mobile RASP Security

With ONEShield™, mobile brands automate the work out of delivering runtime application self-protection (RASP) security features to harden Android & iOS apps in the CI/CD pipeline. Prevent reverse engineering, mobile app tampering, fake apps, trojan apps, malicious modifications, hacking, simulators, emulators, and debugging attacks with ease. Stop hackers and pen testers from using decompiling, disassembly tools, or re-packaging, re-signing versions of Android & iOS apps to build and launch attacks.

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Better UX, Better Attack Data

With Appdome Threat-Events™, mobile game developers, publishers and brands can stay in full control of the mobile end user experience when mobile mods, modding and other attacks happen. Appdome's Threat-Event in-app intelligence and control framework detects when the attacker attempts the mod or hack and passes enriched Threat-Event data to the mobile app for processing and threat response. Build custom modding response, enforcement and user notification that inform real mobile end users when this attack occurs.

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Easier Engineering Experience

Appdome automates the work out of Mobile app hacking & modding prevention so your engineering team can focus on what they do best - building great mobile apps. Let's face it, delivering continuous Mobile Cheat Prevention is extremely hard. SDKs, Wrappers and CLIs promise to make it "easier." But actually making these products fit inside your changing Android & iOS apps and your highly dynamic DevOps process is too hard, complex and time consuming. If you're looking for a better way to deliver app hacking & modding prevention, try Appdome..

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Ready to Save $Millions on Mobile Anti-Modding Defense?

Get a price quote and start saving money on mobile anti-modding defense today. Appdome’s mobile modding defense helps mobile brands save $millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary SDKs, server-side deployments, engineering work, support complexity, code changes and more. 

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