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Like the idea of being part of a dynamic and creative team of professionals?
Then join us.

We strive to be a continuous, responsible contributor to the mobile industry and a great place to work. We’ll look for ways to integrate mobile solutions to apps, and to make completing mobile integration work easier, faster and safer for everyone. Together with App Publishers and SDK vendors, we are working to solve the biggest pains and accelerate the adoption, use, and enjoyment of mobile applications for everyone. Join our team!

Positions currently available in Tel Aviv:

Customer Success Engineer

Job Description

We’re looking for a self-motivated and highly talented individual who has at least 6 years of experience as a Customer Success Engineer, a very positive customer support engine, or a technical SE that performed proof of concepts and support for mobile applications.

As a Customer Success Engineer you will:

  • Respond and assist customers with mobile app integration using the Appdome platform
  • Support customers using Security, EMM, MAM, Identity, and Analytics SDKs (BlackBerry, Airwatch, MobileIron, BehavioSec)
  • Engage customers for support using chat, email, phone, and web meetings
  • Learn about awesome new mobile app technology and write knowledge base articles about it
  • Assist with customer on-boarding to the Appdome platform
  • Set up lab infrastructure to validate new features, application servers, and test customer cases
  • Work with development to solve complex cases
  • Be the voice of the customer to our product teams to make feature enhancements and product recommendations


  • Mobile app development experience with SDK Integration
  • Mobile app troubleshooting experience on Android and iOS including the use of:
    • xCode, Android Studio, and adb
  • In-depth knowledge of:
    • Mobile app deployment using an Enterprise Mobility Management solution such as AirWatch, BlackBerry/Good, Mobile Iron or Citrix
    • Security and SSL/TLS certificate infrastructure
    • VMware (ESXi) to set up Linux and Windows servers for testing application services
    • IP network troubleshooting to analyze the path of mobile application traffic through VPNs, firewalls, routers, and switches
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, and presentation) for:
    • Knowledgebase articles, blogs, outreach and responses to customers via chat and email
    • Engagement with customers on the phone, web meetings and email
    • Customer onboarding and remote training
  • Familiarity with Zendesk, Desk, or similar case management system
  • Experience with customer interaction using in-app chat solutions like Intercom
  • Being a positive individual that thrives in the life of a startup
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Mobile Platform Developer

Job Description

  • Integrate leading mobility sdks into any IOS or Android App.
  • Solve challenging issues in integration by understanding OS internals and using reverse engineering techniques.
  • Work closely to product and research in order to reach an optimal technological solution.

Skills and Experience

  • BSc. Computer Science or equivalent
  • At least 2-3 years of development experience in a development team of complex enterprise systems
  • Experience in C/C++, Linux, networking or low level
  • Experience in mobile applications development in Android or IOS
  • Experience in development in python

Personal Attributes

  • Self-motivated
  • Start-up environment driven individual
  • Reliable person
  • Self-discipline
  • Team player
  • Excellent personal communication abilities
  • Self-motivated, high ability to develop and progress by himself/herself
  • Ability to multi task; good time management skills
  • Attention to details


  • Experience in reverse engineering in Android (smali)
  • Experience in reverse engineering using IDA
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Senior Researcher

We’re looking for talented and inspired individuals to form part of a research group that really understand how OSes work and can harness this knowledge to help each and every app in the world to be better.

Job Description

Help Appdome build the best fusion engine in the world. Acquire intimate familiarity with iOS and Android kernels to enhance mobile security and enrich mobile apps with new capabilities without requiring any code changes.

The team’s focus is to develop the core technology that maps the app’s inner-workings, from user mode down to system calls and automatically protect and enhance it. We essentially fuse different technologies into a single app without the need to make any code change. How cool is that?

The team builds an engine that essentially controls every aspect of a mobile app behaviour. The challenge is to make it as transparent as possible: zero performance penalty, backward and forward compatibility (you can never know on which of the 2,000 different Android device models your code will run on) and for the code to play well with every framework the app possesses.

You will be required to:

  • Learn inner working of some mobile OS element (e.g. linker loading dylibs)
  • Design a solution that leverages this element for additional purposes (or simply one that will make it better)
  • Implement – we don’t stop at the POC level!

Education Details

  • Bachelor in Computer Science. Alternatively, Mamram/81/49/MAMRAM graduate.

Key Qualifications

  • At least 2 years of experience in reverse engineering of large system/OS, preferably with IDA
  • At least 2 years of experience in C/C++ programming
  • OS Internals/Low Level/Kernel experience
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills


  • Familiarity with assembly and ARM instruction set
  • Internals/Low Level/Kernel experience in iOS or Android
  • Mobile apps developing experience
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iOS/Android Researcher


  • BSc. Computer Science or equivalent. Alternatively, Mamram/81/49/ARAM graduate

Experience and Required Skills

  • At least 2 years in reversing iOS/Android
  • At least two years working with IDA/OllyDbg
  • Proficient in C/C++
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Full Stack Developer


  • Design and develop FE+BE features in globally distributed service
  • Handle production and ad-hoc performance issues


  • BSc. Computer Science or equivalent
  • 3 years in back-end development
  • 3 years in front-end development
  • Fluent in JavaScript, Node.js and MySQL or similar
  • Fluent in one of the following: Angular, React, Knockout
  • Deep understanding of systems you have previously worked on


  • Experience working with AWS
  • Experience working with Amazon RDS
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QA Manual Testing Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a Test Engineer to help us test our product, both manually and using automatic tools and environment. You will join a combined QA/Automation team responsible for testing our product and ensuring that we deliver high quality to our customers.

We are looking for Test engineers who are:

  • Passionate about quality and testing
  • Like interacting with a constantly changing and diverse set of technologies and products
  • Think of new ways to make testing more efficient and increase our reliability
  • Interested in growing into automation development in a veriaty of operating systems, programming languages and environments


  • Ensure our unique app-wrapping process does not introduce bugs into applications
  • Setup working environments (servers, network configuration) for various customer scenarios
  • Give feedback and participate in building test plans


  • Excellence in communication skills and team work
  • 0-2 years’ experience in manual testing
  • Technically oriented – experience in configuring and setting up systems – Advantage
  • Some experience in programming – Advantage
  • Strong self-learning skills
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