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Appdome’s No-Code Secure Progressive Web App Delivers

Appdome’s No-Code Secure Progressive Web App Delivers

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With Appdome’s SecurePWA™, organizations can create full-fledged, stand-alone, progressive web apps for both Android and iOS. All they need is the existing website address of the web or cloud app. SecurePWA is a great enterprise mobility solution for transforming web and cloud apps without a native mobile app into native Android and iOS apps, or when mobile app binaries (IPAs/APKs) are unavailable.

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Top Features of SecurePWA

In 10 minutes or less, deliver true Android and iOS apps for any web, cloud or desktop app used by your organization, without coding a thing.

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SecurePWA transforms enterprise web properties into real, secure and exciting progressive web apps for the digital workforce.

Tom Tovar, co-founder and CEO of Appdome

Over the past decade, enterprises have invested heavily in web and cloud apps to improve workplace productivity, quality of data, and results. At the same time, the Millennial generation has hit the workforce, dramatically increasing the demand for mobile-first apps that don’t force users to turn on laptops or sit at desktops. The problem is that organizations struggle to transform web and cloud apps to Android and iOS apps due to a lack of resources, including mobile developers, time, and money. As a result, most organizations don’t offer many mobile apps options to access corporate data.

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  • Feature-by-Feature Description on How to Build and Secure PWAs: Create and secure Progressive Web Apps for Android and iOS in seconds.
  • Create a Customized Layered Defense for Your PWA: Combine Appdome’s security features into customized security models for your PWA and stop attacks, achieve compliance and gain competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate Mobility Projects: Create and secure new mobile apps from any web or cloud app in seconds, without writing a single line of code.
  • Comprehensive Mobile Threat Protection: Get complete, zero-day protection against all known vectors of attack, including local, device level attacks, pen tests, credential theft, static and dynamic analysis, network threats, and more.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Control your budgets with a single, all-inclusive, annual subscription that protects your apps, build-by-build, release-by-release.
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As part of the SecurePWA™ solution, Appdome offers the option to select an icon to represent the newly generated app. This blog describes how to do this by editing file. Since Appdome receives the final binary products from its customers (.ipa and .apk files), when working on an internal project, we took the same approach. We created the application through standard [...]

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Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using no-code SecurePWA for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from from Mobile Malware, User Level Attacks, MiTM Attacks, Data Breaches, and Mod & Fake Apps fast. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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