Web to Mobile Conversion

Convert Websites to Secure
Mobile Apps in Minutes

Appdome SecurePWA™ converts any website into a secure iOS app and/or secure Android app in minutes. no waiting or turn around time required. Each web-to-iOS and web-to-Android conversion produces a native iOS or Android app that can be published on the App Store or Google play and run on any mobile phone or device. Input your website URL into Appdome’s SecurePWA™ Web-to-Mobile Converter, select your choice of platform, Android, iOS, or cross-platform, and click Convert To App. Each app is protected with Appdome’s industry leading defenses for all mobile apps. 

Easy Web-to-Mobile Conversion
With Security Top of Mind

Convert Websites to
Secure Mobile Apps Fast

Appdome allows you to convert any website into a secure Android or iOS app with zero coding, SDKs or turn around time required. Appdome builds each web-to-iOS app and web-to-Android app using industry standard runtime application self protection (RASP) and optional MiTM Attack Prevention.

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Upgrade Security to Fit Your Business Needs

Appdome's Unified Mobile App Defense platform provides 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-bot, geo location compliance and other Android & iOS defenses. Each of these defenses can be added to any Web-to-ios app and/or Web-Android app conversion with click-to-defend ease.

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Gain Resilience with Faster Detection & Response

With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, you gain resilience, prove the value of the mobile app security features in Android & iOS apps, keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors, and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically.

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Convert Web to Mobile
Apps Without Risks

Appdome’s Certified Secure™ DevSecOps certification works seamlessly with any SecurePWA™ web-to-iOS and/or web-to-Android mobile app conversion. With Certified Secure, brands and organizations have a build-time validation, and auditable record, of each mobile app security, anti-fraud, geolocation compliance and other features protecting the web-to-mobile app.

Convert Web to Mobile Apps
With All the Protection of Native Mobile Apps

Appdome offers the only web-to-mobile converter that's built with security in mind from the ground up. With Appdome, the web-to-Android and web-to-iOS mobile apps are protected with mobile app security, RASP, MiTM Attack Protection and more by design. In addition, each web-to-mobile app conversion use hardened biometric authentication, like FaceID & TouchID, to ensure no FaceID bypass attacks. Combine SecurePWA™ web-to-mobile apps with any or all of Appdome's other security modules to detect in-app fraud, stop bot attacks, ensure mobile geolocation compliance, protect users and transactions from malware and more.

Stop Mobile App Fraud

With Appdome's Synthetic Fraud Defense, brands can maintain the integrity of in-app purchases, promotions workflows. Synthetic fraud, and synthetic ID fraud, are automated techniques attackers use to create fake inputs, actions and users in Android & iOS apps. Detect automated, virtual or emulated environments, auto clickers, auto tapping, keystroke injection, process injections and hacking tools used to impersonate users, open fake accounts, abuse loyalty and referral programs and/or input fake reviews with ease. With Appdome, control what, when and how to enforce these defenses.

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Mobile Geo-Compliance

Appdome's Mobile Geo Compliance feature set allow brands to trust the mobile device location for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, transaction integrity, anti-fraud and in-app offers and promotions. Quickly identifying at-risk transactions, profile fraud risk, geo-fencing offers, and ensure user identity. With Appdome, mobile brands can detect Geo-spoofing, location-spoofing, Fake GPS apps, use of VPNs, teleportation and other attacks that undermine device location integrity. Gain full data and control on what, when and how to enforce these defenses.

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Detect Auto-Tapping Apps

With Appdome's Prevent Auto-Clicking feature, mobile brands can detect when on-device auto clicker apps, including automatic tap, click assistants, and other auto clicking apps, are interacting with the protected Android and iOS mobile app's buttons, links, ads, videos, fields and similar UI elements. Stop fake events, fake actions, prevent reward program abuse, referral program abuse, pay-per-click fraud, sneaker bots, and similar methods that fraudsters use in to gain unfair advantage and commit fraud. Appdome provides mobile brands full data and control on what, when and how to enforce these defenses.

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Detect Overlay Malware

Appdome's Block App Overlay Attacks feature detects and defends mobile apps from all forms of overlay attacks. Overlay attacks have become the go-to method of mobile fraud, Account Take Overs (ATOs), credential theft, and password harvesting. In an overlay attack, the attacker uses a transparent field or screen (or fake version of the real screen) and places it over the legitimate app entry field, login page, sign up page, transaction, check out or other part of the mobile app. In this way, mobile end users are tricked into interacting with the attacker's overlay. Control on what, when and how to enforce these defenses.

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Stop Bot Attacks

Appdome MOBILEBot™ Defense solution allows mobile brands to quickly defend against credential stuffing, DDoS and other automated attacks, including from bot farms, automated scripts, fake or virtual devices, emulated devices, from weaponized mobile apps loaded into emulated environments or engineering tools like Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Leverage client-side, in-app rate limiting, MTLS Pre-Authentication, and multi-layered mobile application fingerprinting to mute bot attacks and distinguish legitimate applications from fake and malicious apps with ease.

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Multi-WAF Support

Your Web Application Firewall (WAF) infrastructure is large, diverse and constantly changing. Appdome's MOBILEBot Defense is fully portable across WAFs to allow mobile brands get the full value of mobile anti-bot defense and avoid single-vendor anti-bot SDKs, WAF vendor lock-in and costly WAF upgrades and changeovers. Extend the useful life and improve the ROI of existing WAF infrastructures and achieve WAF migrations independently from anti-bot defense. Guarantee operation continuity and resilience of the mobile brand at all times.

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Anti-Malware Defense - Android

Appdome's in-app anti-malware features protect Android apps, in-app economies, and mobile work against Android malware attacks with ease. The Android ecosystem has a thriving malware economy of frameworks, tools and cheats. Penetration testers use Android malware in mobile app security testing. With Appdome, brands and enterprises can keep their apps, users and data safe from on-device Android malware and malware hidden inside seemingly legitimate mobile apps (a.k.a., trojans). Learn more today!

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Anti-Malware Defense - iOS

Appdome's in-app anti-malware features protect iOS apps, in-app economies, and mobile work against iOS malware with ease. The iOS ecosystem is opening up to alternative app stores. iOS users can download mobile apps directly from websites. Penetration testers use iOS malware in mobile app security testing. With Appdome, brands and enterprises can keep their apps, users and data safe from on-device iOS malware and malware hidden inside seemingly legitimate mobile apps (a.k.a., trojans). Learn more today!

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What do SecurePWA™ Customers Say?

Peter Nordmark, CTO and co-founder​

“Making the strategic decision to go for Appdome has given us a radically faster app development cycle. This makes connecting technology with market opportunities way faster. Plus it adds even more security and integrity for our users – which is paramount to us.”

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What's Your SolarWinds Action Plan?

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s new 4-day rule and its recent indictment against SolarWinds and its CISO usher in a new reality for enterprise IT and cyber security teams.  Inside this new reality, enterprise organizations must harden their mobile applications against malware and other attacks, and prepare their enterprise apps to detect and respond when hacking, malware, and threats emerge in their mobile workforce. 

Appdome offers enterprise organizations a centralized compliance platform for Enterprise IT and security teams to build, deliver, monitor, and respond with over 300+ unique Android & iOS defenses automatically, without source code, coding or SDKs. Contact us to learn more!

Explore the SecurePWA Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on building no-code SecurePWA for Android and iOS apps. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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