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Enjoy one unified platform for mobile app defense in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Build, monitor, and respond with mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-bot, geo compliance and more in Android and iOS apps with ease. Here's a taste of what you can do with Appdome:

Solve ANY mobile app defense objective in minutes.

Create Certified Secure™ mobile apps with ease.

Monitor and respond to new attacks in real-time.

Record continuous compliance for all mobile apps.

SAVE money, time, effort protecting your mobile apps.

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Build, Monitor, Respond in One

Save time and money on mobile app defense. Appdome provides mobile brands, cyber and engineering teams, a single platform for continuous collaboration and control over mobile app defense in Android & iOS apps. Eliminate complexity, point solutions and choose the best mobile app defense solution for your mobile brand today. 

Better Attack Visibility

Appdome's ThreatScope™ Extended Detection & Response (XDR) for mobile apps allows mobile brands to see all attacks and threats that impact the mobile app, brand and business. Prove the ROI of existing defenses deployed inside mobile apps. With one-click, instantly respond to each attack, adding new defenses to Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

Continuous Defense

Appdome uses Machine Learning to build any or all of 300+ threat-aware mobile app security, Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), code obfuscation, MiTM Attack Prevention, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Malware, Anti-Cheat, Anti-Bot Geo compliance and more, into Android & iOS apps in the CI/CD pipeline. Enjoy autonomous, no code, no SDK, dynamic, agile mobile app defense for all Android & iOS apps.

Continuous Compliance

Build-by-build, mobile brands can control, audit and orchestrate the release of Mobile App Security features into Android & iOS apps. Create, save, version, freeze and release mobile app defense feature sets into Android & iOS apps on-demand. Each build is Certified Secure™ with the needed Mobile App Security and other defenses to guarantee continuous compliance with cyber, anti-fraud and other policies with ease.

Better UX Response

Appdome's Threat-Events™ is the only solution that gives mobile brands the data, framework, and control to create amazing user experiences with attacks happen in Android & iOS apps. Consume real-time, contextual, attack and threat event data in the mobile app without a server call out. Use Threat-Event data to educate, remediate, or delight users with new on-brand workflows when attacks happen in your Android and iOS app.

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