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Using Appdome, you can deliver comprehensive code obfuscation protection for Android and iOS apps without coding or SDKs. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.


Ask about these top features of Appdome's no-code platform for mobile app security and fraud prevention.

TOTALData™ Encryption

Encrypt your mobile app data using AES-256 or FIPS 140-2, and protect against data loss (DLP), including data stored in the application sandbox, in memory and inside the code of app itself!

TOTALCode™ Obfuscation

Obfuscates the entire mobile app code (both binary and non-native) without source code or developers needing to tell a system where to begin and end the obfuscation method.

Mobile Fraud Prevention

With every release of your Android and IOS app, release features that prevent all major methods of mobile fraud including click-fraud, ad fraud, click bots, click injection, sneaker bots, scalper bots, blocks keyloggers and app overlay attacks and stops large scale credential stuffing attacks using virtualization, Android Debug Bridge (ADB) and other methods. No gateway. No SDK or API. No code required. Simply choose the features needed to prevent mobile fraud in your app, and click "Build My App."

Mobile Malware Prevention

Every release of Android and IOS, release features that prevent all major malware methods and tools including Magisk, Magisk Hide, Magisk Manager, Frida, memory tampering, memory injection, key injection, fake clicks and fake event, hooking and hooking frameworks, speed hacking, and cheating tools like GameGuardian and more. No gateway. No SDK or API. No code required.