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Our DevSec blog is dedicated to the topics, best practices and cybersecurity research needed by mobile developers (DEV) and cybersecurity (SEC) teams in the modern mobile DevOps pipeline.

In this DevSec blog we’ll share our research and best practices in securing Android & iOS apps. Our goal is to help mobile developers and cyber security teams stay ahead of mobile app hackers, attackers, pass mobile application penetration tests, and make mobile DevSecOps compliance easy.

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Top 5 Cyber Attacks Aimed at Crypto Wallet Apps

Crypto wallet adoption has exploded in the last couple of years, along with cryptocurrency valuations. As cyber criminals go where the money is, attacks on crypto wallet apps have…

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Challenges for Buy Now Pay Later Apps

BNPL is one of the biggest, fastest growing and well-funded segments in the Fintech market. It arose in the center of COVID to make buying goods easier and more accessible to all. But, big, fast-growing markets like BNPL attract the biggest boldest scams and fraud.