Better Mobile SDK Protection
at DevOps Speed

Use one unified platform to protect your Mobile SDK from reverse engineering and gather data from hundreds of mobile threat vectors in Android & iOS apps with ease. Improve mobile SDK detection, defense and inform mobile SDK functionality with Appdome’s Threat-Streaming™ service. Threat-Streaming provides a dedicated, in-app, channel of data between Appdome Security Framework and the SDK for 100s of runtime mobile attacks, including mobile hacking, mobile fraud, mobile malware, geo-compliance, and advanced threats like faceID bypass, social engineering, injection attacks, and more. No code and no server required.  

Mobile SDK Protection & Intelligence
Make Mobile SDKs Threat-Aware With Ease

Automate the Work out
of Mobile SDK Protection

Mobile SDK developers have enough on their plates. With Appdome, SDK developers can protect SDK code, stop reverse engineering and meet compliance objectives with ease. Add SDK obfuscation, defense, data encryption, and Man-in-the-Middle protection fast. No code or coding required.

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Make Mobile SDKs

With Appdome SDKProtect™, mobile SDK developers can use a dedicated channel to consume and use any or all of 100s of mobile Threat-Streams in the SDK to improve SDK functionality. Threat-Streams are generated by the Appdome Security Framework from inside Android & iOS apps and passed to the SDK for processing.

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Monitor Mobile Attacks
in Real Time

With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, you gain resilience, prove the value of the mobile SDK protection in Android & iOS apps, keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors, and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically.

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Are You a SDK Developer?

Build Mobile SDK Protection with Appdome.

We built Appdome to make it easy on mobile SDK developers to maintain agility and continuously deliver protection and intelligence in Android & iOS apps built in any coding language or framework including Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, and more. Plugins and APIs are out-of-the-box ready for all parts of the mobile DevOps ecosystem. Contact us to start making mobile SDK protection easy today.

Are you a Mobile Developer?

Appdome Platform Advantage
Build, Monitor, Respond in One

Build, monitor and respond with mobile SDK protection stand-alone or in combination any of 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat, and geo compliance features in one platform in minutes. Let the Appdome platform dynamically adjust the mobile SDK protection to fit your Android & iOS app, ensuring the highest performance and stability in production. Each mobile SDK protection uses an active defense model that filters out false positives, delivering the highest fidelity attack detection, data and response every time. Explore our mobile SDK protection knowledge base or browse the top solution categories below to deliver comprehensive mobile SDK defense today.

SDK Protection & Intelligence in ONE

Appdome SDKProtect™ enables mobile SDK developers to quickly and easily create protected and threat-aware versions of their mobile SDKs, reducing the risk of reverse engineering, fraud and ensuring compliance with ease. SDKProtect offers three levels of defense for Android & iOS SDKs: Threat-Shielding to protect SDK code and data, Threat-Monitoring for visibility and analytics, and Threat-Streaming for detailed mobile attack and threat data from Android & iOS apps that contain the protected SDK. All implementations are 100% no-code and no-server required for ease of deployment.

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Comprehensive SDK Defense

Using SDKProtect, mobile SDK developers can deliver code, data and connection level defenses to protect SDK functions against reversing, data theft, MiTM attacks and more. Using SDKProtect is easy. Developers simply present the Appdome platform with an unprotected version of the mobile SDK, choose the desired level of protection, and initiate the build command. Then the Appdome platform builds the chosen protections into the mobile SDK in minutes, so developers can make the protected mobile SDK available for distribution to customers quickly and easily.

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Threat-Aware SDK Functionality

Appdome Threat-Streaming provides deep device, application and user behavior inspection, and attack intelligence for any mobile application that includes the SDKProtect-protected mobile SDK. Mobile SDK developers can use this comprehensive mobile attack data to reduce fraud, combat identity theft, stop account takeovers, eliminate IVTs and ad fraud, perform KYC and EDD, and ensure transaction authenticity and integrity with ease. SDKProtect also offers detailed risk profiling on-demand for added compliance and assurance.

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Granular Control of Threat-Streams

With Threat-Streaming, mobile SDK developers have the power to choose and consume one, any, or all data from Appdome' s 300+ defended attack vectors to support payment, banking, identity, analytics, advertising, and other SDKs. The data can be used to perform or trigger second step identity verification, deeper fraud inspection, eliminate account takeovers, SDK spoofing, data breaches, and many other attacks. Each Threat Stream provides ThreatID, reasonData (root cause), as well as detailed device, application and other meta data.

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Secure SDK Distribution Channel

Appdome SDKProtect is a part of the Appdome Unified Mobile Defense platform. The platform allows administration users to create Teams, or segregated workspaces, for customers and development organizations. Using Appdome Teams, mobile SDK developers can use Appdome to update, customize and distribute different versions of the mobile SDK to downstream customers, mobile developers, penetration testers and others in the SDK value chain. This ensures that customers have the most up to date version of the SDK, created for their app, on demand.

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Better Mobile SDK Threat Intelligence

Appdome ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR uses dedicated sensors inside mobile apps, not a separate agent or app on the end user’s mobile device. Through continuous monitoring, sensors provide real-time visibility into 1000s of unique attack vectors, giving mobile brands the ability to perform detailed fraud & risk profiling on-demand in the app and SDK to ensure transaction integrity in all mobile apps. Armed with this rich data, SDK makers can make proactive adjustments to their protection levels based on the specific attacks and threats against their SDKs in real time.

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Ready to Save $Millions on Mobile SDK Defense?

Get a price quote and start saving money on mobile SDK protection today. Appdome’s SDKProtect™ helps mobile brands save $millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary SDKs, server-side deployments, engineering work, support complexity, network upgrades, code changes and more. 


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