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Appdome’s DevSecOps build system delivers no-code, mobile Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) security inside Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Protect Android and IOS apps with anti-debugging, anti-tampering,  blocking emulators and simulators. Prevent apk, aab, and ipa decompiling, app patching, hooking frameworks, and mods, fake or trojan versions of apps. Block reverse engineering. Pass penetration tests. Add in-app mobile RASP security protection to native and framework based Android & iOS apps, including Swift, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, Cordova and more, quickly and easily, all right inside the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. 

Contact us to learn how to combine Mobile RASP Security and Mobile Threat Intelligence in your Android and iOS mobile apps. No SDKs, no code, and no servers required.

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Mobile RASP Security in a DevSecOps Build System
Fully integrated with Mobile Threat Intelligence to Boot

Complete No-Code
Mobile RASP Security

Deliver comprehensive no-code mobile RASP security, including mobile anti-debugging, anti-tampering, blocking emulators and simulators, preventing static & dynamic attacks, app mods, modding, repackaging and more in Android or iOS apps with ease. No Code. No SDKs.
No Servers Required!

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Mobile RASP Security
Full DevOps CI/CD Control

Enjoy mobile RASP security in a DevSecOps build system purpose-built for the DevOps CI/CD pipeline, full Dev-APIs, Mobile RASP Security templating, versioning, version control, code freeze, event & user logging, Certified Secure™ RASP security certification & scale for 1, 100 or 1000s of mobile apps.

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Fully Integrated Mobile RASP Threat Intelligence

Keep track of mobile RASP security threats impacting mobile customers and targeting your mobile business with Appdome’s Threat-Events™, for in-app attack intelligence and handling, or ThreatScope™, the industry’s only out-of-the-box mobile app security operations center (SOC) for mobile RASP. 

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Meet Mobile RASP Security's Best Friend

With Appdome’s mobile DevSecOps build system, mobile developers get a triple benefit of (1) deploying comprehensive mobile RASP security inside Android and iOS apps with ease, (2) full analytics grade visibility into mobile RASP security attacks and threats, and (3) being free from any coding, language, server, network and SDK based dependencies. 

Try Appdome’s mobile RASP security solution and get the anti-debugging, anti-tampering, emulator & simulator prevention and other RASP defenses you need, fast.

Looking for a faster and easier way to
Mobile RASP Security in CI/CD?

Request a live demo of Appdome's ONEShield™, no-code mobile RASP security, solution and see how fast and easy it can be to build RASP application security in Android and iOS mobile apps in a DevSecOps build system. Deliver Certified Secure™ runtime application self protection, anti-tampering and anti-debugging features in DevOps CI/CD, simplify your mobile DevSecOps, and keep full control over the mobile user experience

Stop Mobile App Tampering

Anti-Tampering, Appdome's no code, no SDK anti-tampering defense in Android & iOS apps, blocks attempts to tamper, change or modify your Android and iOS app, including method hooking, patching, loading libraries, or changing workflows, logic or re-packaging, re-distribution by malicious parties looking to harvest users’ data through with fake applications, or distribute malware via trojans. Deploy security checks inside Android and iOS apps that detect patching, hooking, dependencies, shell-code and more at run time.

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Prevent Reverse Engineering

Anti-Reverse Engineering, stops hackers and pen testers from static, dynamic and runtime reverse-engineering, method tracing or graphing your mobile app and using tools like IDA Pro, Hopper, Cycript, Ghidra and others to learn how your app works, extract information and use the app's logic to create attacks and malware that target your app, users or network. Block reverse-engineering of mobile apps with the intent of learning how the app works. Block common penetration test (pen testing) tools to pass mobile app penetration testing.

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Block Malicious Debugging

Anti-Debugging, Appdome' no-code, no SDK anti-debugging defense in Android and iOS apps, prevents debugging tools from attaching, instrumenting or running the mobile app to safeguard against dynamic research, breakpoints and other methods to hack apps. Block native and Java debugging tools from attaching to your Android or iOS app. Leverage Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) security features to block white hat and black hat debugging methods, including dynamic analysis tools like Apktool, Java Debugger (JDB), LLDB and more.

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App Integrity & Checksum Validation

Mobile App Integrity and Checksum Validation, checks the Android & iOS app’s composition, data structure, data elements, and communication paths to validate the integrity and authenticity of the app. Calculates a unique fingerprint of information, binary data, and assets. By creating checksums, and validating them at run-time, Appdome prevents changes to your app, its resources, code, configuration, and more. Defends against all forms of patching and modifications to mobile apps.

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Prevent Emulators and Simulators

Anti-Emulator, Appdome's no-code, no SDK anti-emulator defense stops hackers and pen testers from using simulators and emulators to launch apps, weaponize apps or instrument exploits. Prevent execution and running Android or iOS apps on emulators, simulators and other automated programs used in mobile fraud, mobile cheats and mobile hacking, dynamic instrumentation, memory inspection, and more, including Nox, BlueStacks, Memu and others.

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Certified Secure™ with Every Build

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ mobile app security certification, every mobile app release is certified-protected with the app shielding and other protections added to Android and iOS apps on Appdome. Certified Secure™ is the perfect complement to DevSecOps strategies. It can be used in "go, no-go" release meetings, compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning services.

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90% of Mobile Apps Lack Application Hardening

Source: Appdome Annual State of Mobile App Security Review

Without rasp security and mobile app shielding, hackers can easily use dynamic analysis, debugging and decompiling tools like IDA, Hopper, iRET, JD-GUI, JDB and others to reverse engineer your app, add malicious code, repackage and redistribute your app.

Protect Native and Framework-Based Android & iOS Apps in DevOps CI/CD with Ease

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Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using no-code App Shielding for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from anti-tampering, anti-reversing, anti-debugging and static and dynamic code analysis fast. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.