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Secure Enterprise & Work Apps

To secure enterprise and work apps, upgrade to Data-Driven DevSecOps and deliver Certified Secure™ RASP security, fraud prevention, and malware defense in Android & iOS apps with ease, right inside the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Mobile work and enterprise apps are used by 100Ms of people to earn a living. Whether the app is built for Gigs and Side Hustles, productivity by gig-workers, retail associates, field personal, or traditional enterprise tasks like CRM, Expenses, and collaboration, Appdome makes it easy to stay ahead of hackers, attackers, penetration testers, enterprise requirements and guarantee cyber security compliance in every release of the mobile enterprise and work app. 

Contact us and see how much better delivering RASP security, fraud prevention, and malware defense in mobile enterprise and work apps in a data-driven DevSecOps tool can be. No code, no SDK, and no servers required.

Deliver RASP Security, Fraud Prevention & Malware Defense
Better in a Cyber Defense Automation Platform

Better Security for Mobile Enterprise & Work Apps

Deliver 100+ in-app, mobile RASP Security, encryption, fraud prevention, & malware defenses in mobile enterprise, work Android & iOS apps. Protect mobile work, pay, PII, transactions, prevent reverse engineering, MiTM attacks, cheats and fraud. Pass pen tests, guarantee compliance, including UEM, MAM and MDM, with ease. No code, no SDK, no servers required.

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Guaranteed Mobile Dev &
DevOps Compatibility

Plug Appdome into any DevOps CI/CD system. Automate, manage & control the delivery of RASP Security, fraud prevention, and malware defense using a Cyber Defense Automation platform in workplace apps. Use with AppCenter, Jenkins, Team City, etc. Build Certified Secure™ protections in native & framework Android & iOS like Swift, Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, and Unity with ease.

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Fully Integrated Mobile Threat Intelligence & XDR

Track the attacks targeting your enterprise mobile apps and customers in real-time with Threat-Events™, in-app attack intelligence and UI/UX control framework, or ThreatScope™, the only out-of-the-box mobile extended detection & response (XDR) platform. Use the attack data in your pipeline, click to protect all workplace mobile apps, and stop attacks in real-time.

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Threat Aware Mobile Apps & UI/UX Control

Don't Let Attacks Ruin
Your Amazing Mobile Work Experience

Use Threat-Events™, the only in-app intelligence and attack control framework, to create beautiful, on-brand experiences that mobile app users and workers will appreciate and love. Attacks happen regularly. Design experiences that take attack intelligence into account, and raise the bar on what it means to include runtime application security protection (RASP), code obfuscation, encryption, MiTM attack, anti-malware, anti-fraud and other protections in your Android and iOS  work apps. Eliminate crash on attack, poor user experiences and black box defenses. If 100% control over your mobile enterprise and work experience is important to you, Appdome Threat-Events is the answer. 
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Looking for a better, faster, cheaper way to
secure mobile enterprise or work apps?

Request a demo and see how easy it is to protect your mobile enterprise and work Android and iOS apps from reverse engineering, runtime attacks, malware, and fraud in a Cyber Defense Automation platform. Deliver the mobile app security, anti-fraud and anti-malware features needed to pass pen tests, comply with security requirements and guarantee transaction integrity in your enterprise and work apps with ease.

Protect Work Apps

Protect the data, business logic, transactions and connections used by Gig & Side Work mobile apps. Gig work and side hustles are a huge and awesome part of the economic landscape. These mobile work apps cover everything from the delivery driver, ride share, house, room and car shares, hosting stays, to survey taking, personal shopping, child and pet care, and basic consulting work apps. These apps are constant targets for fraud and malware class attacks, aimed at creating fake transactions, fake accounts, ATOs, as well as data harvesting, modding, overlay and keylogging and more. Appdome provides a quick and easy way to protect the mobile worker and consumer using gig and work apps.

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Protect Enterprise Apps

Guarantee enterprise compliance for mobile apps intended for the enterprise workforce. Developers of enterprise mobile apps need to reach the broadest range of users at their enterprise customers, including employees, contractors and suppliers who do not or cannot enroll their devices in a UEM, MAM or MDM. If your enterprise Mobile app is intended to support HRM, ERP, Expenses, CRM and collaboration tasks on enrolled and non-enrolled BYOD mobile devices, Appdome has multiple options to pass enterprise penetration tests and protect your mobile app, corporate data, corporate use and connections to protected resources, with or without a UEM, MAM or MDM system.

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Guarantee Work & Transaction Integrity

Mobile apps designed for work and productivity are easy targets for attacks that use fake inputs, keystroke injection, fake taps and events, auto-clickers, mods and modding and dynamic instrumentation from advanced tools like Frida and more. These attacks are designed to carry our Synthetic Fraud and Synthetic ID Fraud, initiate fake transactions or cheat other users, for example other Gig workers, from jobs and work in the same geographic area. Appdome offers comprehensive protection to detect and defend against these automated attacks, including attacks from on-device malware and in emulated or virtual environments.

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Encrypt Mobile PII & Work Data

Protecting mobile PII and work data entered by workers, the workforce or purchasers of goods and services on work apps is critical to effective marketplaces and employee productivity. Appdome offers multi-layered mobile data protection options including mobile data (DAR, DiT) encryption, MiTM Attack Prevention, jailbreak & root detection, jailbreak and root bypass prevention, copy paste prevention, screen shot prevention, encrypted photo galleries, as well as advanced protection against overlay and keylogging attacks, and more. No Code, No SDKs required.

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UEM, MAM, MDM Compliance

There are dozens of vendors that enterprises can choose from to implement one or several UEM, MAM and MDM solutions, each having their own SDKs. Enterprises also tend to rip and replace these solutions quite often. App Publishers can stop wasting time and resources to try to manually support these SDKs. Appdome delivers instant, zero-code, compatibility between any B2E or Enterprise Android and iOS app and every UEM and MAM SDK, including Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace ONE, BlackBerry Dynamics, and more.

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Identity and Access Management

A major enterprise security requirement and consequently a major headache for App Publishers is support for the Enterprise Authentication solution(s) used inside their large customers. Appdome makes it easy to add Single Sign-On (SSO) services (include all Microsoft Identity) to any internally developed or 3rd party Android and iOS apps. Combine IAM services with UEM/MAM/MDM SDKs or Appdome's Zero Management Security in a single secure build.

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Pass Mobile Penetration Tests with Ease

If your DevOps release cycle includes pen tests or code scans, use Appdome's Cyber Defense Automation platform to resolve any findings and guarantee that your app meets your industry or internal security, anti-fraud and malware defense criteria each and every release of your mobile app. As your requirements change, update your protection template and deploy upgraded protections with ease, right inside your DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

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Certified Secure™ Mobile App Builds

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ mobile app security certification, every mobile app release is certified-protected with the mobile app security and other protections added to Android and iOS ISV apps on Appdome. Certified Secure™ is the perfect complement to DevSecOps strategies. It can be used in "go, no-go" release meetings, compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning services. ​​

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Appdome Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on how to implement mobile security and other services in any mobile shopping, mobile retail, travel, gaming, and more Android and iOS apps. Mobile apps can be built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from Mobile Fraud, Mobile Malware, User Level Attacks, MiTM and other Network-Based Attacks, Data Breaches, Cyber Ransoming, and Mods and Fake Apps apps – FAST!  Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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