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#1 Platform to Secure
Mobile Streaming Apps

Your mobile streaming app and piracy are evolving fast. You need agility to protect the mobile steaming service, apps and users from cyberattacks, spyware, fraud, piracy and more. On Appdome, teams monitor attacks and choose the security features needed in each release. Then, Appdome’s patented technology codes the security into the mobile streaming app, fully automating the build, signing, functional testing and security certification in the CI/CD pipeline. There’s no better, faster or easier way to secure mobile streaming apps. 

Fast & Easy Secure Mobile Streaming
Continuous Security for Mobile Streaming Apps

Total Protection
Mobile Streaming Apps

Deliver any or all of 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware and other defenses in Android & iOS mobile streaming apps with ease. Adapt the security features to meet the need. Eliminate the engineering complexity with cyber, fraud and bot point products, consolidate costs, and accelerate mobile streaming security in the CI/CD pipeline.

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Mobile Streaming
Compliance & Control

Appdome's platform serves as a centralized point of visibility, management and control for PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR, PII, KYC compliance in mobile streaming apps. All defense choices, changes, versions, admin log in, API-calls, builds and releases are Certified Secure™ recorded and monitored for continuous compliance and control.

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Mobile App Attack
Monitoring & Response

Cyber, fraud, malware, bot and other attacks will target your mobile streaming app. With Appdome's ThreatScope™ mobile streaming brands monitor attacks as they arise and click-to-deploy new defenses to stop attacks in real time. Eliminate zero-day risks and guarantee the continuous security in mobile streaming apps with ease.

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Appdome Platform Advantage

Create Service Loyalty
when Mobile Attacks Occur

Use Appdome’s Threat-Events™ framework to create service loyalty in your mobile streaming brand when attacks happen. Threat-Events gives mobile engineering teams unparalleled data and control when any mobile app defense detects an attack or threat to the app, connection, user or transaction. Use Threat-Events’ multiple enforcement options like in-app detection, data on defense, conditional evaluation, and conditional enforcement to create the mobile streaming experience that is right for you. 

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Secure Mobile Streaming
Without the Work

Automate the work out of protecting your mobile streaming app. Let technology code any or all of 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-bot, geo compliance, social engineering and other defenses in mobile streaming Android & iOS apps fast. Rapidly respond to cyber, fraud or malware attacks with ease. Guarantee mobile insurance, PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR, DRM, KYC compliance. Pass mobile app pen tests. Plug Appdome into any DevOps CI/CD pipeline and start delivering better mobile streaming security today. Explore the mobile streaming security solutions below or contact us to learn more.

Protect Mobile DRM & Data

Today, mobile streaming apps are under increasing pressure to ensure Digital Rights Management mechanisms are not bypassed or removed. On top of that, streaming apps have to comply with data protection requirements in PCI DSS, PSD2, GDPR and a myriad of federal, state and local laws regarding user identity, data protection and privacy. But, lack of resources, cyber complexity and code incompatibility between SDKs and apps block the ability to meet these requirements. With Appdome, mobile steaming brands can achieve these objectives with ease.

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Secure Live Streaming

An HTTPS connection free of MiTM Attacks is the best way to ensure the integrity of the streaming service and preventing unauthorized modifications or tampering with the content during transmission. A hardened HTTPS connection is also important to ensure user privacy, data compliance, and eliminate content piracy. With Appdome streaming brands protect Android & iOS apps and connections from MiTM Attacks, Detect Session Hijacking, Cookie Hijacking, SSL Stripping, SSL Bypass, Malicious Proxies, Enforce SSL certificate validation, minimum TLS version, and more.

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Mobile Geo Compliance

Appdome's Geo Compliance solution ensures accurate and authentic geo location of mobile devices. Comply with Digital Right Management (DRM), know-your-customer (KYC) and geo-restrictions easily. Guarantee true, unaltered, geolocation data in in-app transactions and user authentication. Appdome Geo Compliance protects mobile streaming apps from Geolocation Spoofing, Fake GPS apps, VPN use and other methods used to bypass geo-fencing and other geolocation-based service restrictions in Android & iOS apps. Optional enforcement options allow for in-app responses to modifying or manipulating location data.

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Mobile Fraud Detection

Mobile fraud is a sophisticated technological arms race between attackers and malware makers, and the mobile insurance teams who protect the brand, business and consumer. The range of fraud attacks capable on mobile devices or via the mobile app includes 1,000s of OS compromise attacks, overlays, key logging, spyware, RDC malware, auto-input and injection attacks, synthetic ID fraud, geo-spoofing and more. Appdome's Mobile Fraud Prevention solution eliminates the complexity. Deploy complete mobile fraud detection and defense on demand, fully automated in the CI/CD pipeline today.

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Mobile Malware Prevention

Appdome's Anti-Malware defense solution safeguards mobile streaming applications from all forms of mobile malware and malware control. Leverage in-app defenses to keep hooking and swizzling frameworks, Frida toolkits, Magisk, detection bypass, custom ROMs, KernelSU, RDC apps, and other malware from interacting with your mobile insurance apps. Appdome also offers the only true Accessibility Service Malware defense and ATS Malware defense for Android applications. Detect and defend against Android AccessibilityService malware and ATS malware attacks, such as BrasDex, Xenomorph, CraxRat, Octo, and more.

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Stop Bot Attacks

Attackers know that the mobile streaming app is the entry point to your brand and business. In fact, 63% of all bot, DDoS, and credential stuffing attacks come from the mobile channel. Some Web Application Firewall (WAF) offer anti-bot SDKs. But, WAF anti-Bot SDKs only work with one vendor. You can't implement more than one anti-bot SDK in the same mobile app. Appdome's MobileBOT™ Defense eliminates the need to change WAFs to get mobile anti-bot. Enjoy a fully portable anti-bot choice, capable of working with any WAF on the market. Bypass the SDK roadblock and explore MobileBOT Defense today.

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Mobile Attack Intelligence

Whether your goal is Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), Extended Detection and Response (XDR) or Mobile Threat Detection (MTD), you need visibility into what cyber, fraud, malware, bot and other attacks and threats are impacting your brand, business and users. With ThreatScope™, mobile streaming brands combine detection with response, and gain full threat management, in one unified platform. Monitor, track and respond automatically to 300+ unique vectors of attack, monitor defenses, and stay ahead of attackers.

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Certified Secure™ Mobile Streaming

No one wants cyber to be a roadblock in the rapid release cycles of mobile streaming CI/CD pipelines. With Certified Secure™ gain a continuous DevSecOps certification that guarantees that every mobile app is released with the mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-bot, geo-compliance, social engineering and other defenses needed by your mobile steaming business. Certified Secure™ improves "shift left" DevSecOps strategies and is used in "go, no-go" release meetings to eliminate road blocks in the mobile app release cycle.

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