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Blackberry and AppDome partner to enable codeless integration for mobile application developers and users

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What is AppDome?
Mobile App Integration On Demand

AppDome provides a cloud service that allows mobile developers and enterprise mobility professionals to rapidly integrate 3rd party services to new and existing mobile applications – on demand, without any coding. The cloud-based service, known as the AppFusion platform, is the first of its kind is designed to accelerate enterprise mobility projects, allowing multiple functions to be combined with a single app simultaneously. AppDome's other solutions, such as its award winning mobile security offerings are offered through the AppFusion platform.

What is AppFusion?
Codeless Connections to Mobile Apps and Services

AppFusion is one of a kind, groundbreaking service that binds single-to-multiple services to any mobile app in minutes. Once a feature or service is available on our platform, AppFusion eliminates the need for long-lead integration and development efforts, one-off SDK level integration, or API calls. Inside AppDome, mobile developers and app owners upload their apps and select the growing array of security, management and other mobile services to be combined with an app. AppFusion takes care of the rest!

AppFusion is designed for

Benefits of AppFusion
Quickly and Easily Integrate Any Service to Your Mobile App
Better Integration

We validate every fusion against hundreds of apps, or more, before we release any service to our subscribers. Once a service is available on our platform, it can be fused to any app in minutes.

Faster Releases

With AppFusion, you don’t have to be a developer or wait for development resources to integrate your app with other services. AppFusion speeds release cycles and cuts down on organizational friction, making it easier for everyone to get mobile projects done faster.

Feature Complete

AppFusion offers mobile developers and app owners enterprise-grade integration in a box. As a subscriber, you get complete feature sets of any service on our platform.

Solution Choice

One of the key benefits of AppFusion is choice. Fusions are semi-permanent, which means that subscribers can turn off any service fused to an app at the end of the subscription period. How about them apples?

Mobile Service Management

On the platform, subscribers enjoy app-by-app views of service fusions making it easy to manage integration points across apps. An intuitive workflow also remembers where mobile developers and app owners left off, so you can come back and complete any work you started.

Painless Distribution

Once a mobile developer or app owner has completed any fusions on our platform, distribution is simple and easy. The fused app can be distributed via any enterprise app store, Apple or Google.

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AppDome is the industry's first mobile integration as a service company.
AppDome's flagship product, the AppFusion Platform, allows mobile developers and mobility professionals to rapidly integrate mobile apps and services without coding or SDKs.