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"I am an advocate of Appdome. I believe you are creating something very special for the industry."
Director, Enterprise Mobility
"The speed at which Appdome is delivering new features is amazing and I'm really excited about the times ahead of us."
Head of IT, large multi-government agency
"I'm an early customer, and I can tell you Appdome works."
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"When Appdome says what they can do, you don't believe it. When they show you, it's magic."
Sales Leader, Identity Partner
"We're tired of implementing SDKs manually and, with Appdome, we get results and don't have to change our app."
CTO, large B2E ISV
"Appdome's technology is a strategic solution to achieve all our mobile strategies."
Innovation team, large multi-national organization

Add any mobile service SDK or API to apps without code or coding

Instantly implement mobile security, EMM, identity and more to native iOS and Android apps.

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Anyone can quickly and easily

  • Add full mobile SDKs/APIs to apps without writing code
  • Integrate services to apps built in any framework
  • Implement complex SDKs like EMM, Identity in seconds
  • Add multiple vendors to your app fast

Is your app regulation ready?

Continuously deliver mobile apps with the security, data protection, mobile privacy, and identity solutions demanded by GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA and more, without sacrificing the experience your users demand.

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The first and only no-code service for mobile app integration

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See How Appdome works!

Add or change services in your app in seconds

  • Mobile App Security

    Add native mobile app security to Android and iOS apps without writing a single line of code. Use Appdome to protect in-app IP and the data, connections and code of your mobile apps in seconds. Features include mobile Data Loss Protection, Copy/Paste prevention, Jailbreak/Rooting, code obfuscation, encryption and more.

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  • Enterprise Mobility

    Instantly integrate Blackberry, VMware Airwatch, IBM MaaS360, Microsoft Intune, and MobileIron to internally developed and 3rd party mobile apps. Join other enterprise customers that enjoy complete MDM, MAM or EMM support across any use case and apps built in any framework, no code or coding required.

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  • Mobile Identity

    Click to implement mobile SSO, 2FA, MFA, PKI, authentication and other mobile identity solutions in Android and iOS apps in seconds. Implement mobile identity as a stand-alone solution or combined with other implementations available on Appdome, all with no code or coding required.

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  • New Mobile Services

    All mobile services, from Mobile Analytics and Mobile Engagement to Push Services and more, are delivered via SDKs or APIs. We're on a mission to make mobile integration easy, saving everyone time, work and expense. See what we're up to and give us your thoughts on what to implement next.

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