Secure Mobile & Remote Work

Securing Workplace Apps
Has Never Been This Easy

Whether it’s the side hustle, gig-work, remote work, or the WFH economy, we all do most of our work on mobile apps. For corporate IT, cybersecurity teams and mobile workers, keeping workplace apps secure has never been more challenging. Appdome automates security for workplace apps, making it easy to keep mobile apps for work secure. Quickly and easily deploy industry leading no-code, no-SDK, fully automated data-at-rest encryption, MiTM attack prevention, jailbreak and root detection, DLP, and RASP to harden workplace apps against tampering, instrumentation and malware exploits. Take the guesswork out of securing workplace apps, guarantee compliance and monitor in app defenses in real time using Appdome today.    

Secure Workplace & Enterprise Mobile Apps
With No-Code, No-SD and No-Work

Rapid Deployment of
Mobile App Security

Quickly and easily deploy Certified Secure™ enterprise-grade cybersecurity features like data encryption, jailbreak & root detection, MiTM attack prevention, DLP and more in all Android & iOS apps used for work – including internally developed or 3rd party apps. No coding, no SDK required.

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Protect All Mobile Apps,
Managed or Unmanaged

With Appdome, you can protect mobile applications used on unenrolled, unmanaged and managed devices alike. Deploy always-on, stand-alone security features in mobile apps or make the mobile app compatible with leading UEM, MAM and MDMs like VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune and more.

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Extend Mobile XDR to Remote Workforce w/o Agent

Leverage the power of Appdome’s ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR for all mobile employees, consultants and gig workers, with no device enrollment, and no agent or second app to install. Monitor and respond to cyber and malware attacks against Android & iOS apps in real-time. 

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Solve the Cyber Challenge for Workplace Apps Today

Protecting Android and iOS mobile apps used by the enterprise workforce used to be hard. But, with Appdome, enterprises, LOB and IT-security teams can rapidly deploy any class of mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-fraud and other defenses as a standalone solution or in combination with your favorite UEM or MAM.  

Learn how Appdome makes it easy to build mobile app security and leading UEM or MAM capabilities into any Android or iOS app – instantly with no coding, no SDK and no app wrappers. 

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See How Ease Securing Workplace Apps Can Be

Request a Demo of Appdome’s Cyber Defense Automation platform and see how easy it can be to protect enterprise and workplace mobile apps. In the demo, we'll show you how Appdome can help you immediately meet your demanding mobile app security, data-protection, and malware defense and other requirements for Android and iOS apps without coding, SDKs, fast.

Zero Management Mobile App Security

Remote work, gig work, and work-from-home have changed modern work for the better. Today, UEM, MAM & MDM reach only a small segment of the user base. Organizations must secure all enterprise and workplace mobile apps, including those mobile apps on devices without UEM, MAM or MDM. With Appdome, organizations can deliver Certified Secure™ Mobile Data Encryption, Jailbreak and Root Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, secure mobile access, MiTM prevention and more to all mobile apps, without UEM, MAM, or MDM.

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Get Mobile XDR for All Workplace Apps

Mobile app security and Android & iOS malware defense isn't very useful if you can't prove it's working against live attacks in your production environment. With Appdome, you can extend the full power of Mobile Extended Detection and Response (XDR) across all employees, consultants, part-time employees, gig-workers and others, all with no agent or second mobile app to install. Use the real-time attack data and telemetry to update your cybersecurity defenses in real time and keep mobile work safe.

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Protect Enterprise Developed Mobile Apps

Use Appdome to protect internally developed enterprise mobile apps, including mobile apps for field workers, expense tracking, operational tasks, sales and quoting applications, inventory management, hourly workforce, gig-work, and other Android & iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. For these use cases, Appdome serves as a DevSecOps automation platform inside CI/CD to deliver secure workplace apps with ease.

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Protect 3rd Party Workplace Mobile Apps

Use Appdome to improve and strengthen the security model in 3rd party workplace apps quickly. Protect Android and iOS apps from hacking, reverse engineering, data exploits, on-device malware compromise, and pass mobile application penetration tests with ease. Guarantee compliance with internal or external regulatory requirements, including requirements like GDPR that prohibit MDM and UEM system installation on BYOD devices.

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Rapid, No-Code Delivery of UEM-MAM SDKs

Appdome offers several rapid UEM-MAM SDK delivery options for leading UEM-MAM vendors like Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace One, BlackBerry Dynamics and others. No App Wrapping. Full SDK+ Build and publish apps on the App Store, Google Play and on private enterprise app stores. Perfect for 3rd party enterprise app developers and developers building apps for enterprise work. Integrate with CI/CD and get release ready with UEM-MAM in minutes.

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Secure Remote Access - No Tunnel or VPN

Ensure the modern remote and mobile workforce can safely use enterprise mobile apps to securely access protected resources without a VPN. Use Appdome to build secure mobile remote access capabilities directly into mobile applications - without the need for complex and inflexible enterprise VPNs. Build all functionality into the app itself. No separate gateway, proxy or network element required.

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Embrace the New Normal of Enterprise Work with Secure Mobile Apps

Employees are coping with a lot in Covid-19. Daycare and school closures, video classrooms and home schooling make the everyday work life more challenging than ever. Today’s employees face a new normal balancing life and work. 

Enable your employees with secure mobile apps that let them work anywhere at anytime, because they need to.

Visit the Enterprise Mobile App Security Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using no-code Zero Management Security for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from mobile malware, MitM attacks, data breaches. Includes illustrated guides, mobile developer tips, and info on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile app security platform.