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The nature of work in the modern enterprise has become overwhelmingly mobile, fluid and diverse.  Employees no longer commute or work in sprawling enterprise campuses. Today’s workforce is remote, mobile-first and requires secure anytime, anywhere mobile apps, with direct connections to protected resources on any device, including managed, unmanaged, Zero Trust and BYOD devices.  

Appdome’s no-code Enterprise Mobile App Security solutions enable IT and Security organizations to deliver secure work apps for the entire mobile workforce – all without coding,  SDKs, or management overhead. 

Appdome’s Enterprise Mobile App Security Delivers
Everything Enterprise IT and Security Needs

Guaranteed Enterprise Mobile App Security

Quickly and easily deliver Certified Secure™ enterprise-grade security features and controls in all iOS and Android apps used for work – including internally developed or 3rd party apps. No coding, no SDK or source code required.

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Rapidly Deploy UEM, MAM and MDM into Mobile Apps

Make any iOS or Android app compatible with leading UEM, MAM and MDM SDKs from VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune. Eliminate complexity, coding, framework incompatibilities with apps, and deploy secure apps fast.

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Secure Remote Access for Mobile Apps Without a VPN

Protect corporate resources and enable remote workers to access enterprise resources using secure Android and iOS apps over encrypted channels, eliminating the need for complex and inflexible enterprise VPNs, proxies, or gateways. 

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Take the Enterprise Mobile App Security Journey!

Appdome enables organizations to build comprehensive mobile app security into all Android and iOS apps used by the modern workforce to get work done.  Rapidly implement in-app security with app shielding, data encryption, jailbreak/root prevention, MitM prevention, bot defense as a standalone solution or in combination with your favorite UEM SDK, making your UEM instantly compatible with any iOS or Android app without coding. Also enable secure remote access to protected resources for remote workers without VPNs, gateways or proxies. 

Learn how to build mobile app security and leading UEM SDKs into any Android or iOS app – instantly without coding. Enable secure anytime, anywhere, any device access for your entire mobile workforce. 

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No-Code Enterprise Mobile App Security
for Android & iOS apps

Get a Demo, see it live. Appdome’s Enterprise Mobile App Security Solution allows IT, security and enterprise app developers to immediately meet the demanding mobile app security, access and authentication requirements for Android and iOS apps without coding, SDKs, or VPNs. Request a Demo Now!

Enterprise App Security - No UEM-MAM

Secure enterprise employee, contractor and partner facing mobile Android and iOS apps without UEM, MAM or MDM. Deliver full Certified Secure™ Mobile Data Encryption, Jailbreak and Root Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, secure mobile access, MiTM prevention and more without UEM, MAM, or MDM. Eliminate complexity. Secure the entire mobile workforce today. 

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Protect Internally Built or 3rd Party Apps

Protect Android and iOS apps from compromise, pass pen tests, clear vulnerability scans, encrypt data, protect mobile connections and more for both internally developed and 3rd party enterprise mobile apps. Guarantee compliance with internal or external regulatory requirements, including requirements like GDPR that prohibit MDM and UEM system installation on BYOD devices.

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Rapid, No-Code Delivery of UEM-MAM SDKs

Appdome offers several rapid UEM-MAM SDK delivery options for leading UEM-MAM vendors like Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace One, BlackBerry Dynamics and others. No App Wrapping. Full SDK+ Build and publish apps on the App Store, Google Play and on private enterprise app stores. Perfect for 3rd party enterprise app developers and developers building apps for enterprise work. Integrate with CI/CD and get release ready with UEM-MAM in minutes.

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Secure Remote Access - No Tunnel or VPN

Ensure the modern remote and mobile workforce can safely use enterprise mobile apps to securely access protected resources without a VPN. Use Appdome to build secure mobile remote access capabilities directly into mobile applications - without the need for complex and inflexible enterprise VPNs. Build all functionality into the app itself. No separate gateway, proxy or network element required.

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Embrace the New Normal of Enterprise Work with Secure Mobile Apps

Employees are coping with a lot in Covid-19. Daycare and school closures, video classrooms and home schooling make the everyday work life more challenging than ever. Today’s employees face a new normal balancing life and work. 

Enable your employees with secure mobile apps that let them work anywhere at anytime, because they need to.

Visit the Enterprise Mobile App Security Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using no-code Zero Management Security for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from mobile malware, MitM attacks, data breaches. Includes illustrated guides, mobile developer tips, and info on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile app security platform.