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To secure mobile games, upgrade to Data-Driven DevSecOps and deliver Certified Secure™ RASP security, fraud prevention and malware defense in Android & iOS mobile games with ease, right inside the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Mobile game revenues are under attack from cheaters and attackers who bypass business logic and in-app purchases, utilize modding platforms, player emulators and create mobile cheats and hacks at alarming speed. Appdome gives mobile game developers and studios a better way to stay ahead of mobile cheaters, hacks, and player emulator platforms in every release of the mobile game. 

Contact us and see how much better delivering RASP security, fraud prevention and malware defense in mobile games in a data-driven DevSecOps tool can be. No code, no SDK and no servers required.

Deliver RASP Security, Fraud Prevention & Malware Defense
Better in a Cyber Defense Automation Platform

Better Protection and Cheat Defense for Mobile Games

Deliver 100+ in-app, mobile RASP Security, fraud prevention, and malware defenses in mobile games to pass penetration tests, protect business and game logic, and prevent reverse engineering, app player emulators, mods, cheats, cheating tools, memory editing, jailbreak, root, Synthetic Fraud, and more with ease. No code, no SDK, no servers required.

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Guaranteed Mobile Dev & DevOps Compatibility

Plug Appdome into any DevOps CI/CD system. Automate, manage & control the delivery of mobile game RASP Security, fraud prevention, anti-cheat defense in a Cyber Defense Automation platform. Use with AppCenter, Jenkins, Team City, etc. Build Certified Secure™ protection in native & framework Android & iOS like Swift, Flutter, Kotlin, React Native, & Unity. 

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Fully Integrated Mobile Threat Intelligence and XDR

Track the attacks targeting your mobile game and customers in real-time with Threat-Events™, in-app attack intelligence and UI/UX control framework, or ThreatScope™, the only out-of-the-box mobile extended detection & response (XDR) platform. Use the attack data in your pipeline, click to protect the mobile game and stop attacks in real-time.

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Threat Aware Mobile Apps & UI/UX Control

Guarantee an Amazing Mobile Game Experience when Attacks Occur

Use Threat-Events™, the only in-app intelligence and attack control framework, to create beautiful, on-brand experiences that mobile app customers will appreciate and love. Attacks happen regularly. Design experiences that take attack intelligence into account, and raise the bar on what it means to include runtime application security protection (RASP), code obfuscation, encryption, MiTM attack, anti-malware, anti-fraud and other protections in your Android and iOS apps. Eliminate crash on attack, poor user experiences and black box defenses. If 100% control over your mobile game app experience is important to you, Appdome Threat-Events is your answer. 

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Looking for a better, faster, cheaper way
to protect your mobile game?

Request a demo and see how easy it is to protect your Android and iOS games from reverse engineering, runtime attacks, malware, and fraud in a Cyber Defense Automation platform. Accelerate your protection journey, including passing penetration tests, improving DevSecOps processes, guaranteeing compliance, saving money, avoiding blocked release or stopping attacks, with ease.

Block Game Guardian, Cheat Engine, etc.

Commercial grade mobile app cheats like GameGuardian Cheat Engine and others emerged to work with specific, highly popular mobile games. These cheat engines include pre-packaged cheats, mods, hooking modules, and editing scrips to hack mobile games. Many of these cheat engines are community supported, meaning that the gamer community itself supports, innovated and modifies these engines, making detection and defense challenging. Appdome, provides specific attack detection and defense to popular cheat engines and mobile cheating apps. These defenses work based on the method of attack used by the cheat engine (not bundle name, haha) to ensure your mobile game can operate as intended.

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Stop the Creation of Game Hacks

As soon as your mobile game is published, hackers and attackers go to work creating the next cheat or hack by reverse engineering your mobile apps. Slowing down and stopping these bad actors from understanding how the game works obfuscating the code (static analysis) or preventing running the game on emulators, simulators, virtualized environments (dynamic analysis) and more is critical to protecting the game, and overall game economy, including LTV, APRU for mobile game players. Appdome offers a wide variety of protections to stop reverse engineering, debugging, tampering, changing, repackaging, resigning, and redistributing the mobile game as a cheat or hack.

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Prevent Game Modding & Tweaks

Commercial mobile game player emulators like BlueStacks, Nox and Memu have evolved into special purpose tools to mod and tweak mobile games at runtime using a variety of methods including mobile app and process hooking, patching, code and memory injection, dynamic instrumentation and memory editing. These tools are supported by commercial development teams and communities of game players who use these platforms to bypass business logic, in app purchases, play to earn leveling, point systems and more. Appdome offers detect and defend protections to these class of attacks for all mobile games. No SDK, no coding required.

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Detect & Block Injection Attacks

Mobile game cheats and cheater can use a variety of injection class attacks such as code injection, process injections, and memory editing to change game play, alter business logic of a mobile game or alter values used by the game. This includes using dynamic instrumentation frameworks like Frida and other tools that attackers use to patch, run shell code, perform memory editing/scanning, plist hacking, ROM hacking, memory injection to modify mobile games, bypass in-app purchases and create cheating tools. Appdome provides defenses against these attacks, whether they happen at runtime or statically to protect the integrity of your game, business logic and fair play.

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Detect Tools & Methods Used by Cheats

Many of the mobile game cheating apps rely on common security hacks like jailbreak, rooting and often instruct users to install and use jailbreak detection bypass or root hiding tools like Magisk, Magisk Manager, Zygisk, Liberty Lite, and others before using them with mobile games. Other mobile app cheats also using ADB, screen overlays with auto-clickers, or abusing AccessibilityServices to escalate privileges, all to carry out attacks. All of these methods of attack can be solved quickly and easily using Appdome in the CI/CD pipeline.

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Block Frida Gadget & Instrumentation

Frida Dynamic instrumentation tool is a powerful cheat engine all on it's own. In fact, for mobile game makers and studios, Frida is usually one of the first things that has to be detected and, if desired, blocked. Frida has several mods and lots of customizations, including Frida gadget, shell code, custom Frida modules, Fira with root, and more. Appdome has comprehensive detection and defense to Frida and it's variants. Like other Appdome protections, these evolve at the rate of Frida and are 100% no code, no SDK.

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Control Experience When Cheating Occurs

Creating the user experience that's right for your mobile game should take attack and threat intelligence into account. Appdome's Threat-Event, in app attack intelligence and control framework lets you use real, real-time, on-device attack and telemetry data in your mobile game to adjust play and business logic when an attack or cheat is detected. For example, you can block the attack, or use the detection to alter the rate of accumulation, impose penalties or change point economies when authentic cheating is detected. With Threat-Events, it's al up to you!.

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Certified Secure™ with Every Build

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ mobile app security certification, every mobile app release is certified-protected with the app shielding and other protections added to Android and iOS apps on Appdome. Certified Secure™ is the perfect complement to DevSecOps strategies. It can be used in "go, no-go" release meetings, compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning services.

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Appdome Knowledge Base

Learn detailed “step-by-step” instructions on how to prevent mobile fraud  in mobile game apps. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app against Mobile Fraud, Mobile Malware, User Level Attacks, Data Breaches, Cyber Ransoming, and Mods and Fake Apps apps. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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