No Code Security and Fraud Prevention for Mobile Games

See it live - Appdome's no-code mobile fraud prevention for Android and iOS games:

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Request Your Free 10-Minute Demo Now!

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Using Appdome, you can deliver comprehensive code obfuscation protection for Android and iOS apps without coding or SDKs. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.

Ask about these top features of no-code Mobile Game Fraud Prevention

Block Cheating Apps like Game Guardian, Cheat Engines

Detects and prevents the use of GameGuardian and other cheat engines to hack mobile games.

Prevent Reverse-Engineering and Tampering

Stop bad actors from understanding how the game works by studying the code (static analysis) or running the game and observing its behavior (dynamic analysis).

Block Overlay Attacks, Prevent Abuse AccessibilityServices

Block screen overlays, which hackers use to trick mobile users into revealing sensitive information or clicking on hidden windows unknowingly. Prevent the abuse of mobile app permissions and privileged system-level services like AccessibilityServices, often used by hackers to escalate privileges, remotely control apps and devices, and inject level access and control remote access trojans.

Prevent Code Injection, Key Injection, Memory Injection and other Hacking Methods

Prevent hackers from using advanced hacking methods like memory editing/scanning, plist hacking, ROM hacking, memory injection to modify mobile games, bypass in-app purchases and create cheating tools.

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