Appdome Wins Winter 2023 Digital Innovator Award from Intellyx

Android and iOS App Protector Continues to Gain Notoriety

Redwood City, Calif. –(December 5, 2023) – Appdome, the one-stop shop for mobile app defense, announced today that Intellyx, the first and only analyst firm dedicated to digital transformation, has awarded Appdome with the Winter 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award. Intellyx bestows this award upon vendors who make it through their rigorous briefing selection process.

“At Intellyx, we see thousands of pitches annually from a wide range of vendors,” said Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx. “We will only set up briefings with the most disruptive and innovative firms in their space. That’s why it made sense for us to call out the companies that made the cut.”

Appdome is being recognized with this honor as they are the world’s only automated cyber defense system that provides continuous mobile app defense for all Android and iOS apps. It helps application developers save countless hours of coding time, stay agile, leverage automation and rapidly build, test, release and monitor mobile app security. It also provides anti-fraud, anti-cheat, anti-malware, anti-bot and other defenses in Android and iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline with ease. There is no code, no SDKs or servers required.

“Winning the Digital Innovator Award is a testament to Appdome’s dedication to mobile application security and to move this emerging industry forward,” said Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “Our innovative platform reflects our deep knowledge of the threats consumers and enterprises are facing when it comes to mobile apps and provides a cost-effective solution that developers can adopt to offer better protection.”

For more details on the award, visit the Winter 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator awards page.

About Appdome
Appdome, the mobile app economy’s one-stop-shop for mobile app defense, is on a mission to protect every mobile app in the world and the people who use mobile apps in their lives and at work. Appdome provides the mobile industry’s only mobile application Cyber Defense Automation platform, powered by a patented artificial-intelligence based coding engine, Threat-Events™ Threat-Aware UX/UI Control and ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR. Using Appdome, mobile brands eliminate complexity, save money and deliver 300+ Certified Secure™ mobile app security, anti-malware, anti-fraud, MobileBOT™ Defense, anti-cheat, MiTM attack prevention, code obfuscation and other protections in Android and iOS apps with ease, all inside the mobile DevOps and CI/CD pipeline. Leading financial, healthcare, mobile games, government and m-commerce brands use Appdome to protect Android and iOS apps, mobile customers and mobile businesses globally. Appdome holds several patents including U.S. Patents 9,934,017 B2, 10,310,870 B2, 10,606,582 B2, 11,243,748 B2 and 11,294,663 B2. Additional patents pending. Learn more at Appdome’s website

©2023 Intellyx B.V. At the time of writing, Appdome is not currently an Intellyx customer. No AI bots were used to produce this award. To be considered for a briefing–and hence a Digital Innovator award–and use the authorized award badge, please contact Intellyx at


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