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Use one unified platform to build, test, monitor and respond with mobile anti-bot defense features in Android & iOS apps with ease. Appdome’s MobileBOT™ Defense solution is fully portable and designed to work with any web application firewall (WAF) out-of-the-box. Detect and stop mobile bot attacks, credential stuffing, DDoS attacks, account takeovers (ATOs) and more. Get the most out of your existing WAF infrastructure and stop malicious bots today. Certify anti-bot defense build-by-build. No SDKs. No Servers. No WAF changes upgrades needed.

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Save Time & Money
on Mobile Bot Defense

Speed release times and save money by eliminating anti-bot SDKs, servers and Web Application Firewall (WAF) upgrades. Automate the build, release, monitor lifecycle for mobile anti-bot. Make it easy on mobile engineering to deploy anti-bot defense in Android & iOS apps today. 

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Anti-Bot Defense

MobileBOT Defense™ is multi-layered, including mobile app fingerprinting, device health, session risk profiling, client side rate limiting, and real-time intelligence to shield your network, APIs, hosts and URL-domains from bot farms, automated bot attacks, credential stuffing, and ATOs. 

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Gain Resilience with
Faster Detection & Response

With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, you gain resilience, prove the value of the mobile anti-bot in Android & iOS apps, keep track of new and emerging cyber security threats across 300+ attack vectors, and respond to any attack impacting your mobile app, brand or business automatically.

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Are You a Mobile Developer?

Build mobile anti-bot defense with automation.

We’re mobile developers too. We built Appdome to make it easy on mobile developers to maintain agility and continuously deliver mobile anti-bot features in Android & iOS apps built in any coding language or framework including Obj-C, C+, Java, JS, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, and more. Plugins and APIs are out-of-the-box ready for all parts of the mobile DevOps ecosystem. Contact us to start making mobile anti-bot easy today.

Are you a Mobile Developer?

Appdome Platform Advantage
Build, Monitor, Respond in One

Build, monitor and respond with mobile anti-bot features stand-alone or in combination any of 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat, and geo compliance features in one platform in minutes. Let the Appdome platform dynamically adjust the mobile anti-bot features to fit your Android & iOS app, ensuring the highest performance and stability in production. Each mobile anti-bot feature uses an active defense model that filters out false positives and delivers the highest fidelity attack detection, data and response every time. Explore our mobile anti-bot knowledge base or browse the top solution categories below to solve mobile anti-bot defense today.

No-SDK Anti-Bot Defense

Appdome's MobileBOT™ Defense solution allows mobile brands to use automation to deploy anti-bot defenses in Android & iOS apps, with no code and no SDK in the CI/CD pipeline. With MobileBOT™, mobile brands can identify and distinguish legitimate mobile apps and traffic from fake apps, malicious bots, zombie apps, weaponized apps, bot farms, remote C&C networks, and other automated attacks with ease. Leverage existing WAF and other common networking elements and avoid performance penalties, compatibility challenges and forced upgrades to deliver mobile anti-bot defense.

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Stop Credential Stuffing Attacks

Appdome MobileBOT™ Defense solution allows mobile brands to quickly defend against credential stuffing, DDoS, and other automated attacks, including from bot farms, automated scripts, fake or virtual devices, emulated devices, from weaponized mobile apps loaded into emulated environments or engineering tools like Android Debug Bridge (ADB). Leverage client-side, in-app rate limiting, MTLS Pre-Authentication, and multi-layered mobile application fingerprinting to mute bot attacks and distinguish legitimate applications from fake and malicious apps with ease.

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Full-Spectrum Anti-Bot Risks

MobileBOT Defense is specifically designed to detect up to 300+ unique risks and ensure the highest fidelity, lowest false positive bot defense for your mobile business. Configure MobileBOT Defense to pass Safe and At-risk session headers that contain application, device and connection risk parameters like jailbreak, root, Magisk, Jailbreak Detection Bypass, Frida, DBIs, RDCs, MITM Attacks, Virtualization, Dual-Space, debugging, emulators, simulators, app players, keystroke injection, auto-tapping and other bot level risks with each connection request to a protected host, API or URL.

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Secure Anti-Bot Payloads

For any mobile anti-bot defense to work, you need all Anti-Bot payloads to be protected end-to-end, including all anti-bot data-at-rest, data-in-memory and data-in-transit and active MiTM Attack Prevention. When the client mobile app passes the anti-bot payload to the WAF for inspection, Appdome guarantees both of these requirements are met by encrypting anti-bot payloads, including configurations, secrets, certificates, cookies, and tokens, and enforcing strict TLS rules for all connections, monitoring TLS connections for MiTM attacks, all pre-packaged for easy use and deployment.

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Customizable Trust Models

DEVICETrust™ enables mobile brands to customize the trust level for each threat vector based on the class and type of WAF used in the bot defense infrastructure, allowing organizations to select and prioritize the security checks that are most important to them. 3 modes of device trust are available. Adaptive Trust uses Appdome's Bot Defense Framework™ intelligence to dynamically adjust the evaluation model based on the responsiveness the WAF. Runtime-Trust allows connection requests to proceed while threat assessment and checks are in process. Zero-Trust holds connection requests until all threat assessment and checks are complete.

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Better Anti-Bot Intelligence

MobileBOT Defense offers Safe and At-Risk Session headers, providing over 15 intelligence parameters like Device State, Connection Risk, and GEO_Spoofing detection, and much more. This data, including timestamps, device details, and GEO-Source, integrates with any WAF for real-time monitoring and blocking of bot activity. Appdome Bot Source and BotID further enhance threat mapping to specific users and sessions, enabling precise rules and automated enforcement during key app events like login or transactions.

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Extend Value of WAF Investement

Your WAF infrastructure is large, diverse and constantly changing. Appdome's MobileBOT Defense is fully portable across WAFs to allow mobile brands to get the full value of mobile anti-bot defense and avoid single-vendor anti-bot SDKs, WAF vendor lock-in, and costly WAF upgrades and changeovers. Extend the useful life and improve the ROI of existing WAF infrastructures and achieve WAF migrations independently from anti-bot defense. Also, conserve WAF compute resources by using Appdome Client Rate Limiting which is enforced in the mobile app, with configurable time and frequently limits on app or user actions, like log in attempts. Guarantee operational continuity and resilience of the mobile brand at all times.

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Hardened Anti-Bot Implementations

Appdome's MobileBOT™ Defense solution is the only mobile anti-bot solution that's comes fully protected inside the protected mobile app. SDK-based anti-bot solutions can be tampered, removed, spoofed, bypassed or disabled because there is no binding between the SDK and the mobile app. Appdome binds its mobile anti-bot solution to the mobile app, preventing it from being tampered with, removed or bypassed. Appdome's anti-bot solution is also fully obfuscated in the mobile application, to prevent attackers from discovering the logic and methods used to deliver anti-bot protection.

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Easier Engineering Experience

Appdome automates the work out of mobile anti-bot defense so your engineering team can focus on what they do best - building great mobile apps. Let's face it, delivering continuous mobile bot defense is extremely hard. SDKs, Wrappers and CLIs promise to make it "easier." But actually making these products fit inside your changing Android & iOS apps and your highly dynamic DevOps process is too hard, complex and time consuming. If you're looking for a better way to deliver Mobile Anti-Bot, it's time to try Appdome..

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Ready to Save $Millions on Mobile Bot Defense?

Get a price quote and start saving money on mobile anti-bot defense today. Appdome’s MobileBOT™ Defense solution helps mobile brands save $millions of dollars by avoiding unnecessary SDKs, server-side deployments, engineering work, support complexity, network upgrades, code changes and more. 


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