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No Code Security for
Mobile Retail Apps

the retail and shopping world is mobile. Retail mobile apps are increasingly under attack from malware makers, data miners, and new techniques to commit fraud, including bot attacks, Instabots, Sneakerbots, overlay attacks, credential theft, credential stuffing, account takeovers and more. Users, revenues and brands are at risk.

Protecting mobile retail and shopping apps is what we do! Start a free, 5-Day, no code mobile app security trial and see how easy it can be to protect your retail or shopping app from hacking and mobile fraud.

Appdome Industry Solutions​​

Protect the Mobile Economy with Secure Mobile Retail Apps

With the world moving to mobile, retail apps are increasingly under attack from hackers. They use many different attack methods to commit retail fraud, including bot attacks like Instabots and Sneakerbots, overlay attacks, credential theft and credential stuffing, account takeovers and more.

This is costing the global mobile retail economy well over $100M per year.

How are you protecting your mobile retail app and prevention mobile retail fraud?

Ask our mobile app security and mobile fraud specialists how other brands secure their mobile apps and stop fraud.

Appdome Protects Mobile Retail Apps from Hacking and Fraud, No Coding Required.

Safe and Secure Mobile Shopping Experience

Protect the consumers that are using your mobiles apps against malware, identity theft and other threats that undermine the mobile shopping experience.

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Guaranteed Security for Mobile Retail Transactions

Complete protection of transaction data data when they use your mobile storefront. Encrypt all consumer data stored at rest and in transit.

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Stop Mobile Fraud and
Protect Your Brand

Prevent advanced threats to your mobile business. Block click bots, overlay attacks, account take overs, reverse engineering attacks and more.

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Get Started with Protecting Your Retail and Shopping Mobile Apps, Today!

The mobile app is your main storefront. Users love your app. Users also depend on your mobile to provide a safe and secure mobile shopping experience. But, keeping your app’s security current and up to date is a constant challenge. How do you reach your security objectives without compromising your release cycles?

Request an Appdome demo and see how easy it can be to achieve all your security objectives with no impact on your development cycles and development choices. Our knowledgable security specialists can answer all your questions.

Complete Client-Side Protection

Protect your mobile storefront that is installed on your customers's devices from local malware threats. Protect your app against tampering and reverse engineering attempts. Block resigning and redistribution of your app. Obfuscate the mobile app's code and protect your intellectual property. Encrypt all app and consumer data at rest and in transit. Ensure secure and encrypted communication between the app and your e-commerce back-end. Block your app from running on jailbroken or rooted devices.

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Block Credential Stuffing and Account Take Over Attacks

Mobile consumers have an expectation that their credentials and accounts are safe from infiltration. Appdome protects mobile retails apps against hundreds of attack vectors that aim to harvest, steal, mimic, guess user identity and credentials. Limit the risk and potential of Account Take Overs (ATO), credential stuffing and other network based attacks without the need for a network-level security implementation.

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Prevent Advanced Hacking Techniques

Ensure protection for your mobile business logic. Stop classic reverse engineering and hacking attacks, even when the hackers use advanced hacking tools like Frida and Magisk.

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Block Malware and Trojan Apps

Stop attacks coming from malware and trojans apps that are installed locally on the device.

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Block Mobile Fraud and Cheat Engines

Protect your mobile storefront and the trust your customers have in your brand. Consumer loyalty can shift quickly after a breach. Stop hackers from using cheat engines, click bots, sneaker bots and other automated attacks from defrauding your mobile business.

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Improved Security Release Management

DevSecOps teams can use Appdome to manage the rapid releases of security features to their mobile apps. Appdome fully integrates in existing CI/CD release processes and Appdome's team collaboration, secure templates and entitlements make it easy to ensure Appdome works within your existing workflows. Appdome operationalizes building secure mobile apps and is the only security vendor to guarantee that your apps are protected with the security model you build.

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Learn How Other Brands Protect their Mobile Business with Secure Mobile Retail Apps

Get this Secure Mobile Retail App Case Study and Learn.

Events, air travel, grocery shopping and even rideshare
companies are all falling prey to bots that enable
individuals to hoard their products and scrape information that hackers can use to make their bots
even more effective.

According to Statistica, 2021 worldwide mobile retail revenues are expected to be well over $3.5B, tripling in just 5 years. And according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions, fraud costs the average retailer 1.86% of their total revenue, with mobile fraud growing 133% faster than all other forms of fraud.

If you add cost of a breach, weak mobile app security and mobile fraud cost the global mobile retail economy well over $100M per year.

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