What EventBot Teaches Us About the Business of Malware

My friend and co-creator at Appdome published a great blog about the recently discovered EventBot Malware. Avi's blog covered the technical aspects of this new data harvesting attack as well as the protections mobile developers can use to stop this class of attack. I [...]

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Protecting Mobile Banking Customers From EventBot Malware

Mobile banking, mobile payment, mobile wallet and other FinTech providers who offer Android solutions to their customers now have to contend with a new form of data harvesting malware on Android devices. Brought to light on April 30th by the Nocturnus Research team at [...]

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Protecting Mobile Banking Customers in the Age of COVID-19

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has brought with it a truly unprecedented time for the digital economy. To safeguard ourselves and stem the spread of COVID-19, we’re all being asked to do things virtually. To comply with health official’s mandates, many of us are already required [...]

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Key Findings from the Verizon Mobile Security Index

Mobile App Security is everyone’s business. End-users don’t want any of their personal information compromised and want to make sure that their mobile banking and commerce transactions are protected from fraud and theft. And, companies want to make sure that all their proprietary and [...]

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Introducing The Appdome MobileTRUST Alliance

Appdome MobileTRUST Alliance – The Only Mobile Security Solution with a Guarantee I’m not going to provide a bunch of statistics or headline clippings about how x.y.z bank got hacked for yada yada million passwords. Besides, you can find a bunch of existing reports [...]

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Editing Assets.car file with no Apple tools

As part of the SecurePWA™ solution, Appdome offers the option to select an icon to represent the newly generated app.  Since Appdome receives the final binary products from its customers (.ipa and .apk files), when working on an internal project, we took the same approach. We created the application through standard building tools (XCode for this case), and [...]

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Mobile Security Offers Peace of Mind to Developers

At APIWorld 2019 in San Jose, Appdome sponsored a hackathon challenge. There were a lot of great entries, but two really caught our eye to be named the winners of the Appdome challenge. This blog highlights the winning team and their app Komit. The [...]

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VMware and Appdome Partner to Bring the Power of Mobile to Work

A new partnership that signals the future of enterprise mobility has arrived! I’m extremely proud and honored to announce a new partnership with VMware that accelerates customers’ digital transformation for mobile apps at work. VMware's Workspace ONE is leading the market in growth and capabilities, [...]

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Double Jeopardy? I’ll Take No-Code for $200, Alex

Appdome was honored to attend the Vonage Nexmo Transform Partner Summit and Campus 2019 this week here in San Francisco. There are some phenomenal use cases to create more immersive experiences for mobile app users. Building voice, video and text into an app re-defines the [...]

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