Make Mobility Easy Again @VMworld

VMworld San Francisco is right around the corner!  We're excited to show AirWatch and Workspace ONE customers what they can do with TOTALMobility. Stop by booth 663 for a demo of TOTALMobility™ for Workspace ONE and a free t-shirt!  TOTALMobility makes enterprise mobility easy again! [...]

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Better Mobility for the Modern Workforce

Our customers came to us with a new use case for enterprise mobility: “How do we securely get mobile apps to all of our employees, rather than just the subset of employees on an MDM, EMM or MAM system?” They now use Appdome to [...]

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Live from F5 LATAM Summit – Partners Love MobileTRUST

I'm here with my Appdome teammates at the F5 LATAM Summit in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. At this annual event, F5 customers and partners from Central and South America and the Caribbean meet to discuss the latest in securing critical app resources. And the [...]

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Mobile Commerce Requires Mobile Trust

Mobile commerce, also known as "m-commerce," is the use of smartphones and tablets, to conduct commercial transactions online. The three main categories are; Mobile Shopping, Mobile Banking and Mobile Payment. By next year, 2020, mobile commerce transactions are expected to reach $250B, or half of [...]

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Introducing TOTALMobility for VMware Workspace ONE

The number of mobile apps in the digital workspace is growing rapidly. Infrastructures, systems, vendors and standards for access, authentication, management, security and more are changing constantly. Delivering a consistent, high-quality mobile experience for all users is a challenge for any mobile app owner, [...]

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Appdome Mobile RASP – Make mobile apps self-defending without code

Appdome offers the industry’s most extensive and easiest to deploy Mobile Runtime Application Security Protection (Mobile RASP) on the market today. Appdome is a self-service, choice-driven mobile integration platform which enables our customers to select specific features or groups of features across different mobile security [...]

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WhatsApp Breach: Why Binary-Based Obfuscation is Better

I love WhatsApp. I use it daily. That's why the recent WhatsApp breach got my attention. The breach reminded me about a question we get asked from time to time - what's the difference between binary-based obfuscation and source code obfuscation? When I am asked this [...]

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Finally, Data in Use Encryption in Mobile Apps Has Arrived!

Every mobile app uses three states of digital data - data at rest, data in transit and data in use.  Today, in a groundbreaking new addition to Appdome's TOTALData Encryption lineup, Appdome can now help mobile developers and others encrypt all three states of mobile app data. The Three [...]

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Faster Mobile Security Patches … Guaranteed

On April 29, the Cyber Division of the Department of Homeland Security issued Binding Operational Directive 19-02. A binding operational directive is a compulsory direction to federal, executive branch, departments and agencies for purposes of safeguarding federal information and information systems. Binding Operational Directive 19-02 outlines [...]

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