Meet Appdome at Collaborate19, the OAUG conference

Appdome is proud to sponsor Collaborate19! Oracle customers will see the full power of Appdome at Collaborate19, the annual OAUG conference. This Oracle Applications User Group conference is the largest meeting of Oracle customers organized by the user community. Appdome, an Oracle Validated Integration [...]

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Appdome Enables Okta Identity Cloud for All Mobile Apps

For Oktane19, we launched an updated version of Appdome for Okta Identity Cloud. Developers and non-developers can instantly add Okta SSO and Okta MFA to Android and iOS apps in seconds, no code or coding required. Appdome Solves the Challenges With Using Okta Identity Cloud in [...]

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Meet Appdome at Oktane19

We'll again be at Oktane this year. Oktane18 was a great event for us and Appdome at Oktane19 will be another success. What To Look For From Appdome at Oktane19 Appdome is a no-code app enhancement and customization platform. On Appdome, you can create a [...]

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Best Practices for Signing iOS Applications

Signing iOS apps outside of Xcode isn’t a walk in the park. This is unlike Android, where signing apps outside of the IDE’s is straight forward. To sign Android apps, all you need is a standard Java Keystore, two command lines, and you are [...]

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Appdome Announces New Tools for IT, DevSecOps and Developers

Today, we're taking another bold step in our journey to help organizations enrich and deliver mobile apps to their users. These new services are designed to aid and accelerate the organizational dynamic driving mobile app growth, empowering multi-disciplinary teams to quickly and easily bring enhanced mobile apps to market. @Appdome, we [...]

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Introducing Appdome TOTALData™ Encryption

Appdome is proud to announce the newest addition to its Appdome Mobile Security Suite: TOTALData™ Encryption, a new service that protects mobile app data, regardless of how that data is generated or stored by the app. TOTALData Encryption protects all data coded, created and used by [...]

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RSA 2019 is Here, Let the Games Begin!

It’s that time of year again. The city of San Francisco is about to turn into the world’s biggest playground for security geeks and software security companies of dizzying proportions – The annual RSA conference at Moscone Center. This past year has certainly provided [...]

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Appdome Makes MFA Everywhere a Reality

Earlier this week Appdome announced a new service for adding enterprise-grade Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to any mobile app - instantly and without coding.  In his previous blog, our co-founder and CTO Avi Yehuda outlines the key reasons MFA is so hard to deliver in mobile [...]

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Passwordless Authentication with Appdome for Nexmo Verify

With the launch of the Appdome for MFA, we welcome a new MFA partner to the Appdome ecosystem: Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform. The Nexmo Verify service enables organizations to implement two-factor authentication (2FA) in mobile apps. Upon the 2FA challenge, a temporary verification code [...]

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Appdome for MFA – Mobile MFA Anywhere

I’m proud to announce Appdome's newest service - Appdome for MFA. Coding MFA in an app is hard. It gets worse with non-native apps. And if the app is built in Xamarin, Cordova or React Native, it’s harder still. Or how about adding MFA [...]

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Look for AI in Mobile Development to Become Mainstream

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, today. Banks are experts at identifying fraudulent use of credit cards. Most of us engage regularly with intelligent customer support chatbots. Alexa, Siri and Google smart speakers are omnipresent in our homes, accomplishing tasks on our behalf. In fact, [...]

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