In the Mobile Obfuscation free trial:

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    Deliver Mobile Code Obfuscation in Android & iOS apps Fast

    Build, test and validate code obfuscation, obfuscate logic, flows, methods, classes, selref, bindings, more in Android AAB, APK, and iOS IPA, Bitcode using Appdome. 100% No Code, No SDK.

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    Complete a Rapid POC, Android & iOS Obfuscation

    Add code obfuscation to Android and iOS apps today. Submit the protected mobile apps to penetration testers, pass pen tests and vulnerability scans. Block disassembly, decompiling and static analysis toolkits such as APKTool, IDA-PRO, Hopper, Dex3JAR, Baksmali, JD-GUI, Ghidra and more quickly and easily.

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    Obfuscate Native and Framework-Based Android & iOS code

    Obfuscate native and non-native Android and iOS code, methods, classes, flows and more including Objective-C, Swift, C#, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, C, C++, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Unity, reflections, and more.

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    Build Android & iOS Obfuscation in DevOps CI/CD

    Connect Appdome’s DevSecOps platform to your DevOps CI/CD system. Build Android & iOS code obfuscation and other static defenses in the DevOps pipeline automatically.

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    Improve DevSecOps with Certified Secure™ Code Obfuscation

    Release management visibility and control with Certified Secure™ Android and iOS obfuscation in CI/CD.