No-Code Mobile App Security

MitM Attack Prevention for All Android and iOS Apps

Appdome’s Secure Communication, no-code Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) prevention solution ensures a secure communication channel between mobile apps and the application servers, providing a multi-level defense against MitM and other network-based attacks. 

Protect Android & iOS apps using secure certificate pinning, prevent MitM and other network based attacks such as Session Hijacking, SSL Stripping, and Evil Twin attacks. Block toolkits such as Charles Proxy, Burp Suite, NMAP, mitmproxy, Wireshark, Metasploit and more.

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Appdome's No-Code MitM Prevention Delivers
Everything Mobile Developers Need to Stop MitM Attacks

No-Code Android and iOS
MitM Prevention

Protect Android and iOS applications from MiTM and other network based attacks. Protect Android and iOS app connections with TLS, SSL certificate validation, CA verification, malicious proxy detection, TLS version enforcement, secure certificate pinning and more.

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Multiple Enforcement Options
to Prevent MitM Attacks

Mobile developers and security teams can choose any enforcement mode required for their use case, including Appdome detect-defend, detect-only, threat intelligence mode and more. Developers can instrument their own response to MitM, session reuse attacks and more.

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Stop Session Hijacking, Proxy Redirects and Malicious Bots

Prevent mobile apps and users from connecting to compromised servers, malicious hosts and fake backend connections. Guarantee that only legitimate mobile traffic, and not malicious clients, fake apps and malicious bots connect to your network and services. 

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Secure Your App with
MitM Prevention Today

Give Appdome’s Secure Communication a try and see how easy it can be to protect your Android and iOS apps with the most advanced Man-in-the-Middle prevention, Cipher Suite and TLS enforcement and secure certificate pinning.

Simply open a free account, upload your app, select Secure Communication and click “Build My App.” Start your no-code security journey today! 

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See How Easy MitM Prevention Can Be

Request a live demo of Appdome's Man-in-the-Middle prevention solution and see how easy it can be to build and publish Android and iOS mobile apps with MitM prevention, secure certificate pinning and bot defense. No Code. No SDK. No Server or Network Gateway Required. Add in-app, self-defending MitM Attack protection to pass pen tests and control how Android and iOS apps react when a man-in-the-middle attack occurs. Request a Demo and see how easy it can be to protect Android mobile apps, business and users from MiTM Attacks.

Android & iOS MiTM Defense

Secure communication protects Android and iOS apps from connecting to untrusted, unknown, or malicious destinations or websites. Enforces cipher suites and TLS versions. Appdome’s MitM prevention initiates and monitors the SSL/TLS handshake, to prevent attackers from gaining control over the session even before the SSL/TLS handshake completes. Stops Session Hijacking, SSL Stripping, Evil Twin attacks, Overlay attacks and more. 

Secure Certificate Pinning

Prevents mobile apps from connecting to compromised servers or endpoints. Encrypts and securely stores the certificate(s) of known trusted servers securely in the app and validates the certificate before the connection is established. If there is a certificate mismatch, the session is denied or dropped. Validation methods include Chain Evaluation, Strict Evaluation and Pinning. Stop SSL Certificate Bypass attacks and forged certificates.

Protect Against Top MitM Proxy Tools

Using Appdome Secure Communication, developers and security teams can quickly and easily secure the connection between Android and iOS apps and servers. Prevent attackers from intercepting HTTP/HTTPS sessions, swapping certificates, redirecting traffic to proxies, and gaining control over sessions using proxy tools such as Charles Proxy, Burp Suite, NMAP, mitmproxy, Wireshark, Metasploit and others.

Stop Credential Stuffing and Bot Attacks

Protects the mobile backend by preventing compromised mobile clients or malicious endpoints from connecting to and/or reaching protected hosts and back end servers. Combines secure client certificates and Appdome's ONEShield™ anti-tampering and TOTALCode™ Obfuscation to ensure that fake apps, credential stuffing and other automated network attacks will be blocked. Stop Credential Stuffing attacks from fake, compromised or malicious Android and iOS apps, emulators and simulators.

Secure Mobile Remote Access

Appdome Secure Mobile Remote Access solutions enable mobile workers to securely connect to enterprise resources and systems using any mobile application or device - all without VPN clients, UEM tunnels, SDKs, gateways, or management profiles.

Certified Secure™ with Every Build

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ mobile app security certification, every mobile app release is certified-protected with the MitM prevention and other protections built into apps to achieve DevSecOps strategies. Use it in "go, no-go" release meetings, for compliance verification, and to reduce reliance on code scanning services.

75% of Apps Lack MitM Protection

Source: Annual Appdome State of Mobile App Security Review

Hackers use MitM attacks to intercept insecure mobile connections to steal user information, harvest data and impersonate legitimate hosts and clients as part of larger attacks. MitM attacks can be passive, in which the attacker engages in reconnaissance, credential harvesting or capturing user data such as PII. MitM attacks can also be active, in which the attacker alters payloads, modifies certificates, redirects users to malicious proxies or servers, or injects malware into what the user or server believes is a safe session.

No-Code Mobile App Security & Fraud Prevention for Android and iOS Apps

Appdome's Ultimate Developers Guide to Mobile App Security

Mobile Developers Guide to Mobile App Security

I’m excited to blog about Appdome’s recently published “Mobile Developers’ Guide for Mobile App Security”. At Appdome we love helping developers solve the toughest problems in mobile app security,…

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Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using no-code MitM Prevention for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from MiTM and other network-based attacks fast. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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