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Protect Android and iOS apps against mobile bots, mobile malware and other threats without development or coding. Quickly add advanced mobile threat defense solutions from F5, Check Point and others to shield against malicious intrusions, click fraud and attacks on your mobile business. Combine mobile threat services with Appdome’s mobile security to guarantee mobile trust and brand safety across your mobile users.

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Add F5 Anti-Bot to Mobile Apps in Seconds

Easily implement the full functionality of the F5 Anti-Bot Mobile SDK instantly, using a simple ‘click-to-implement’ UI. Enjoy a turnkey Android and iOS bot detection solution, without complexity and without development. Simply upload an app binary to Appdome, select the F5 Anti-Bot SDK (along with any other service you want to add to the app), and click “Build My App”!

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Close Gaps in Mobile
Threat Defense in Minutes

There’s no need to manually code mobile threat defense solutions to protect your Android and iOS apps. Mobile developers and non-developers alike can solve the gaps in mobile threat defense instantly.

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Over 100 Million Mobile Devices Are Infected with Malware

Source: Security Boulevard, June 2020

Instantly Add Check Point’s Threat Defense Security to Any Mobile App

Appdome for Check Point SandBlast App Protect eliminates the complexity of mobile threat defense in enterprise and consumer apps. Using Appdome, enterprise IT and mobile developers can instantly build Check Point’s mobile threat defense service into iOS and Android apps in seconds, without coding the SDK into the app.

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No-Code Mobile App Security For Any Android and iOS App

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  • no-code codi compliance by appdome

Achieve CoDi Compliance without coding

September 3rd, 2020|

CoDi Compliance, No coding required - The Fastest Way to Secure Mexico's Mobile Banking Apps What is CoDi?  CoDi is a digital/mobile payment system developed and sponsored by the Bank of Mexico (aka: Banxico), Mexico’s central bank. Banxico launched the first phase of CoDi in September 2019, with the lofty goals of moving Mexico to a ‘cashless’ economy, significantly increasing the country's tax base, as well as to bring the vast majority of ‘unbanked’ Mexican’s into the financial system.  CoDi enables mobile users [...]

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