Appdome No-Code Security

Support UEM, EMM and MAM
in Any Enterprise Mobile Apps

Only Appdome delivers instant, zero-code, compatibility between any B2E or Enterprise Android and iOS app and every Enterprise Mobility vendor, including VMWare Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, Blackberry Dynamics and more. Appdome easily overcomes the limits of app wrapping and bridges the gaps in UEM, EMM and MAM SDKs, including support for modern frameworks, non-native applications, WKwebviews and more!

Appdome's No-Code UEM, MAM and MDM
SDK Solution Delivers

Appdome Mobility Suite

Add any UEM, EMM or MAM vendor to internal and 3rd party apps, built in any environment in seconds. No coding SDKs. No source code. No wrapping.

Appdome BoostEMM

Create the experience of choice for your users. Leverage existing infrastructures and systems. Add the features needed by your organization and policies.

Mobile Permissions Control

Enable or disable any mobile app permission for any Android or iOS app at anytime – to protect end-user privacy and comply with regulations.

Launch Your Enterprise
Mobility Project with

With TOTALMobility, enterprises can instantly build new apps or app versions that are fully compatible with all major UEM, EMM and MAM SDKs and solutions – all in minutes, with no development, no access to source code, and no dependencies on underlying app development frameworks. With Appdome, IT and DevOps can support all managed or BYOD enterprise mobility use cases.

Deliver Enterprise Mobility Your Way

Create the in-app mobile experience needed by your organization’s mobility, network, compliance and security teams in minutes, all without any code or coding.

No-Code VMware Workspace ONE

Add VMWare Workspace ONE to All Android and iOS Apps. TOTALMobility for VMWare Workspace ONE delivers the full power of Workspace ONE, including security, privacy and intelligent analytics in any iOS or Android app, no coding required.

No-Code Microsoft Intune App SDK

Add Microsoft Intune to All Android and iOS Apps. Appdome is a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). Use Appdome for Microsoft Intune to add the complete Microsoft Intune App SDK to any Android and iOS app in seconds without coding – even apps built in frameworks the SDK doesn’t support, like React Native.

No-Code BlackBerry Dynamics

Appdome for BlackBerry Dynamics is the fastest and easiest way to complete a no-code BlackBerry Dynamics integration with Android and iOS apps!

Add Mobility Ecosystems

Appdome’s Boost-EMM™ solution allows Android and iOS apps to use only the secure browsers, secure email, document sharing and more from each EMM-MAM vendor.

Bonus Compliance Features

Appdome’s Boost-EMM™ solution allows Android and iOS apps to use only the secure browsers, secure email, document sharing and more from each EMM-MAM vendor.

In-App Protections and More...

Organizations can add practically any class of service to Android and iOS apps on top of EMM-MAM, including mobile authentication, app-shielding, analytics and more.

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Enterprise Mobility Solution.

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  • Feature-by-Feature Description of Enterprise Mobility Control: Add the Appdome Mobility Suite, BoostEMM, and Mobile Permissions Control to every implementation of Microsoft Intune, VMWare Workspace ONE, and BlackBerry Dynamics to all Android and iOS apps.
  • Create a Customized Layered Defense for Your App: Combine Enterprise Mobility with Appdome’s mobile app security features into customized security models for your app, stop attacks, achieve compliance and gain competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate Mobile Security Projects: Implement the Enterprise Mobility best fit for your use case to any Android or iOS app in seconds, without writing a single line of code.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Control your budgets with a single, all-inclusive, annual subscription that protects your apps, build-by-build, release-by-release.

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