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Learn how to reach internally developed and 3rd party
B2B, B2E and other apps with IBM MaaS360 in minutes
No code or wrapping required!

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Appdome quickest and easiest way to complete no-code IBM MaaS360 integration to Android and iOS mobile apps.

This eGuide describes the technology and features on Appdome that allow anyone to complete a no-code IBM MaaS360 integration in minutes. Fusion™, Appdome’s patented technology, automates the IBM MaaS360 integration any app, eliminating the need for source code, coding or app wrapping. Once an Appdome user clicks “Fuse My App,” the full functionality of the IBM MaaS360 SDK is added to the app as if the SDK was coded manually by a developer.

Learn how Appdome accelerates the delivery and use of internally developed and 3rd party B2B and B2E mobile apps inside IBM MaaS360. Appdome for IBM MaaS360 Integration is 100% compatible with apps developed in any environment, including native Android and iOS, React Native, Cordova and Xamarin. Customers use Appdome to build custom version of great apps like Cisco Webex, Cisco Jabber, Jive, Salesforce, Oracle Fusion Expenses, SAP Fiori and more.

Mobile App makers can also use Appdome’s no-code IBM MaaS360 integration. This relieves pressure on mobile app roadmaps. Custom mobile apps can be created on Appdome and distributed via the public app store as well as the IBM Marketplace.

Top Highlights

Instantly Add IBM MaaS360 to any Mobile App

No Manual Coding, No Wrapping

Complete Feature Parity Between iOS and Android

Provision, Manage and Secure All Your Apps Using IBM MaaS360

Embrace the New Normal of Enterprise Work with Secure Mobile Apps

Employees are coping with a lot in Covid-19. Daycare and school closures, video classrooms and home schooling make the everyday work life more challenging than ever. Today’s employees face a new normal balancing life and work. 

Enable your employees with secure mobile apps that let them work anywhere at anytime, because they need to.

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