No-Code MobileIron
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Learn how to add the MobileIron SDK to Android and iOS
mobile apps in minutes, without code, without
coding and without wrapping.

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This eGuide describes the technology and features on Appdome that allow anyone to complete a no-code MobileIron Integration to Android and iOS apps in minutes.

Discover the challenges that organizations are facing moving away from Mobile Device Management (MDM) and towards Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). In Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, adding a management profile on an employee-owned device is a not an option. Someone has to add the MobileIron SDK to the internally developed and 3rd party B2B, B2E and workplace apps. The challenge is, MobileIron SDK only exists for iOS apps. There is no MobileIron SDK for Android.

Learn why organizations are choosing Appdome’s patented technology to complete no-code MobileIron integration to both iOS and Android apps, equally. Appdome’s no-code implementation of the MobileIron SDK extends the reach of MobileIron to all Android and iOS apps, including native mobile apps, hybrid apps and apps built in Cordova, React Native and Xamarin. For the first time ever, MobileIron customers can complete a full and complete MobileIron integration in minutes.  No wrapping, code or code dependencies required.

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“I am an advocate of Appdome. I believe you are creating something very special for the industry.”
Director, Enterprise Mobility
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“The speed at which Appdome is delivering new features is amazing and I’m really excited about the times ahead of us.”
Head of IT, Large multi-government agency
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“I’m an early customer, and I can tell you Appdome works.”
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“When Appdome says what they can do, you don’t believe it. When they show you, it’s magic.”
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“We’re tired of implementing SDKs manually and, with Appdome, we get results and don’t have to change our app.”
CTO, Large B2E ISV
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“Appdome’s technology is a strategic solution to achieve all our mobile strategies.”
Innovation team, Large multi-national organization

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