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7 out of 10 doctors use mobile apps to access their patients’ electronic health records (EHR). An increasing number of patients too are using mobile healthcare apps to receive care, review test results and more. Governments, patient advocate groups, and healthcare information providers are concerned about the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI) and HIPAA compliance in healthcare apps.

Start a free 5-day trial of Appdome’s no code mobile app security solution and see how easy it can be to secure your mobile healthcare app and meet HIPPA security controls. Protect your healthcare business, app and users, fast!

Appdome Industry Solutions​

Secure Mobile Healthcare Apps and Ensure HIPAA Compliance.

7 out of 10 doctors use mobile apps to access their patients’ electronic health records (EHR). And despite the benefits they deliver, Governments, patient advocate groups, and healthcare information providers are concerned about the security of electronic protected health information (ePHI) and HIPAA compliance in general of healthcare apps.

How are you protecting your mobile healthcare apps?

Ask our security specialists how other healthcare companies protect their mobile apps.

How Appdome Secures Mobile Healthcare Apps

Stop Cyber Attacks

Preserve trust in mobile healthcare apps. Stop account takeovers, malware, MITM attacks, tampering, reverse engineering, and other attacks.

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Encrypt Patient Data

Protect all patient ePHI data in mobile apps. Protect patient identities, credentials, and patient-doctor communications PII. Ensure HIPAA compliance

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Certified Secure

Protect your healthcare brand and innovation. Guarantee that your apps have the required security in each release, without release delays.

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Request a demo and see how easy it is to secure your mobile healthcare Android and iOS apps from malware, attacks and hackers. Quickly and easily encrypt patient ePHI records, protect doctor-patient communications and ensure HIPAA compliance.

Our knowledgable security specialists will answer all your questions and show you how Appdome can secure your mobile healthcare app, instantly. Protect your mobile healthcare app, data and users now.

Provide Safe and Secure Mobile Health

Healthcare providers can quickly protect new and existing mobile healthcare patients, and COVID-19 mobile healthcare app users with no-code, easy to use, mobile app security. Achieve a rapid time to market, certified compliance, and industry leading protection, release-by-release, build by build. Secure one mobile healthcare app or 1000s all at once using automated dev APIs and CI/CD integrations.

Encrypt Patient Data and Records

Quickly deploy industry leading encryption for mobile healthcare and patient data. Ensure HIPAA compliance and prevent data exploits and breaches. Encrypt Android & iOS patient and caregiver passwords, credentials, uploaded and downloaded records and files, PII, and more. Encrypt app sandbox, strings, static and dynamic resources, assets, preferences, NSUserDefaults, .so, .DLL, strings.xml, java classes (.dex) and more.

Prevent Man-in-The-Middle Attacks

Protect mobile healthcare users from data-in-transit and man-in-the-middle attacks. Encrypt communications between app and server. Protect API connections with SSL Validation, enforce TLS versions, certificate roles, SHA256, etc. Deploy bot prevention, secure certificate pinning, eliminate certificate bypass and more. Stop MitM attacks and other network-based threats to your mobile healthcare app.

Block On-Device Malware & Threat

Protect mobile healthcare apps from compromised Android and iOS operating systems, mobile malware and malicious apps that jailbreak iOS, root Android, perform root hiding, or allow Super User access, privilege escalation and more. Stop hackers from intercepting valuable communications between your mobile app and the OS to steal data or credentials.

Block Mobile Hacking and Reversing

Stop reverse engineering and cyber-attacks at the source. Deploy runtime application self-protection (RASP) and code obfuscation in mobile healthcare apps built in native Android and iOS code or in Xamarin, React Native and other frameworks. Prevent decompiling, disassembly, debugging, tampering, static and dynamic analysis, IDA Pro, Hopper, and other reverse engineering tools and methods. Obfuscate code, classes, class names, business logic, frameworks, methods, 3rd party SDKs and libraries.

Learn How Other Healthcare Companies Protect Their Apps

Get the Mozzaz Case Study and Learn How:
Mozzaz is a healthcare technology company with a presence in Canada and the United States. Mozzaz Care is an app that delivers personalized support for individuals with complex care needs as part of their daily living and therapy programs. Through data collection and monitoring, Mozzaz Care keeps patients connected to their care team, and continuously tracks their progress. “Being a small engineering team with an aggressive feature roadmap, any development time that we can save goes a long way. Appdome was attractive to us because it saved us from having to develop our own security measures (especially data-at-rest encryption) and become HIPAA compliant, all while we could focus on patient-facing features of our mobile apps.”Brewin Vaz – Director of Engineering at Mozzaz
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Mobile Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance case study

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