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Use Artificial Intelligence to quickly build runtime application self protection (RASP) security, obfuscation and more into existing Android and iOS mobile apps or create entirely new Android and iOS apps securely from the start. No coding required.

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No-Code Mobile App Security
Built by Artificial Intelligence

Appdome is the industry’s first AI-powered no-code security coding engine capable of adding security, authentication, mobile threat, and UEM/MAM features into Android and iOS apps and building entirely new, secure, hybrid mobile apps, all in seconds with no code or coding.

  • 100% No-Code Runtime Application Self Protecting (RASP) for Android and iOS.
  • 1,000s of Security Choices, including mobile threat SDKs, MFA, obfuscation and more.
  • All Native and Non-Native Apps, including Xamarin, Cordova and React Native
  • Secure Existing Apps or Build New Apps on Appdome!

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Sign up and for free. Follow four easy steps to secure your Android or iOS app, data and users in minutes. No learning curve. No SDKs to build. No libraries integrate. No APIs or development work required. We’re happy to help!

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  • Feature-by-Feature Description of the Appdome Platform: No-Code implementation of multiple security services and SDKs options in Android and iOS apps. There are over 30,000 different implementation options available on the Appdome platform.
  • Create a Customized Layered Defense for Your App: Combine Appdome’s security features into customized security models for your app, stop attacks, achieve compliance and gain competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate Mobile Security Projects: Implement the best implementation for your use case to any Android or iOS app in seconds, without writing a single line of code.
  • Comprehensive Mobile Threat Protection: Get complete, zero-day protection against all known vectors of attack, including local, device level attacks, credential theft, static and dynamic analysis, network threats, and more.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: Control your budgets with a single, all-inclusive, annual subscription that protects your apps, build-by-build, release-by-release.

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Mobile Developers Guide for Mobile App Security

Learn the best practices mobile developers should follow when securing their Android and iOS apps. Topics include apps hielding, obfuscation, encryption, MiTM prevention, jailbreak and root prevention, and more. Secure native and non-native apps release-by-release, including React Native, Cordova and Xamarin built apps.

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No-Code Mobile App Security For Any Android and iOS App

100% Compatibility With Top Development Environments

Build secure mobile apps with Appdome directly from any dev-environment or CI/CD system, including Jenkins, Travis, and more. Appdome offers easy-to- use mobile app security templates and complete build-to-publish APIs to fully automate mobile security in any app.

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Use Appdome Inside Your CI/CD Pipeline

Accelerate your App Lifecycle

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Appdome-DEV empowers mobile developers to customize, enhance and deploy their apps to public and private app stores and offers:

  • Automated Security Builds via CI/CD
  • Build and Reuse Security Templates
  • Dev-Sec-Ops Team Collaboration
  • Automated App Signing Options
  • Auto Deploy to Public and Private App Stores
  • Appdome-DEV Events – Advanced Security Control
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Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on using Appdome’s no-code mobile security and development platform for Android and iOS apps. Apps can be built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more. Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from any mobile threat such as Mobile Fraud, Mobile Malware, User Level Attacks, MiTM Attacks, Data Breaches, Cyber Ransoming, and Mods & Fake Apps fast. Includes information on the patented technology that powers the Appdome mobile security platform, illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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