Change the Way
You Secure Mobile Apps

Use Artificial Intelligence to quickly build security into existing Android and iOS mobile apps or create entirely new Android and iOS apps securely from the start.

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Change the Way
You Build Mobile Apps.

Use Artificial Intelligence to build security, SDKs, APIs
and more into Android and iOS apps, release by release.

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Change the Way
You Build Mobile Apps.

Use Artificial Intelligence to build security, SDKs, APIs and more into Android and iOS apps, release by release.

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Top Reasons to Choose Appdome

No-Code Solutions for Top Mobile Use Cases

No-Code Solutions for Top Mobile Use Cases

Appdome Platform

No-Code Mobile App Security Built by Artificial Intelligence

Appdome is the industry’s first AI-coding engine capable of building mobile security, authentication and management features into Android and iOS apps and building entirely new secure mobile apps from web and cloud apps, all in seconds with no code or coding. Features include:

  • 100% No-Code Mobile App Security for Android and iOS
  • 1,000s of Security Features, SDK, API, and Vendor Choices
  • Guaranteed Compatibility with Native and Non-Native Apps
  • Secure Existing Apps or Build New Apps on Appdome!

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Get the Platform Data Sheet

Sign up and follow four easy steps to secure your Android or iOS app, data and users in minutes. No SDKs, libraries, APIs or development work required. 

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Accelerate your App Lifecycle

Appdome-DEV empowers mobile developers to customize, enhance and deploy their apps to public and private app stores and offers:

  • All Appdome-GO Features
  • CI/CD integration + Automated Integration Life Cycle
  • Advanced Team Controls and App Approvals
  • Advanced Security Controls + Appdome-DEV Events
  • Flex-Release™ – shared templates and Fused-Apps
  • TOTALData™ encryption
  • Auto Deploy to public and private App-stores
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Recent Blogs About Appdome Platform

VMware and Appdome Partner to Bring the Power of Mobile to Work

November 5th, 2019|

A new partnership that signals the future of enterprise mobility has arrived! I’m extremely proud and honored to announce a new partnership with VMware that accelerates customers’ digital transformation for mobile apps at work. VMware's Workspace ONE is leading the market in growth and capabilities, including contextual access, intelligent authentication, and more. Read VMware's blog on the Appdome partnership. Appdome’s TOTALMobility™ for Workspace ONE is a complete, no-code integration solution for all elements of the Workspace ONE product suite. TOTALMobility for Workspace ONE [...]

  • Appdome-DEV Better

Appdome Announces New Tools for IT, DevSecOps and Developers

March 11th, 2019|

Today, we're taking another bold step in our journey to help organizations enrich and deliver mobile apps to their users. These new services are designed to aid and accelerate the organizational dynamic driving mobile app growth, empowering multi-disciplinary teams to quickly and easily bring enhanced mobile apps to market. @Appdome, we now serve two distinct classes of [...]

  • TOTALData Encryption

Introducing Appdome TOTALData™ Encryption

March 5th, 2019|

Appdome is proud to announce the newest addition to its Appdome Mobile Security Suite: TOTALData™ Encryption, a new service that protects mobile app data, regardless of how that data is generated or stored by the app. TOTALData Encryption protects all data coded, created and used by the app. Appdome TOTALData Encryption [...]

Look for AI in Mobile Development to Become Mainstream

January 28th, 2019|

Welcome to the world of tomorrow, today. Banks are experts at identifying fraudulent use of credit cards. Most of us engage regularly with intelligent customer support chatbots. Alexa, Siri and Google smart speakers are omnipresent in our homes, accomplishing tasks on our behalf. In fact, when you look at the [...]

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