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Get Your Free 20-Minute Demo Now!

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Using Appdome’s mobile app security build system, developers and security teams can deliver comprehensive security, obfuscation, encryption and runtime defense in Android & iOS apps, no coding, no SDKs, no gateways or device attestation services needed. 

Build mobile app security in the DevOps pipeline with ease. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.

Ask about these other top features of Appdome's No-Code Mobile App Security for Android & iOS Apps

Code Obfuscation

Build code obfuscation into Android AAB and PAK, and iOS IPA and Bitcode apps from inside the DevOps pipeline. No code, no SDK, no exclusion files and no code decoration required. The Appdome security build system automatically adjusts to the language and frameworks used to build your app. All languages and frameworks supported.

Mobile Data Encryption

Build stand alone, in-app AES 256 or FIPS 140-2 data encryption into Android and iOS apps, to encrypt Android and iOS app data, including encrypting data at rest and data in memory. Mobile data encryption includes data created by users, downloaded by the app, mobile app data stored by the app in the application sandbox, SD card, in strings, preferences, resources, assets, XML and Dex.

Runtime Application Self Protection

Build Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) application security and prevent Android and iOS apps from jailbreak and root, reverse engineering, being changed, modified, patched, tampered with, re-packaged, re-distributed, used as trojans. Stop hackers and pen testers from using decompiling, disassembly tools, or simulators, emulators, debugging to instrument apps and launch attacks.

Man-in-the-Middle Protection

Protect Android and iOS applications from MiTM and other network based attacks. SSL certificate validation, CA authentication, malicious proxy detection, TLS version enforcement, and more.​ Quickly pass Man-in-the-Middle penetration tests and vulnerability scans. Prevent SSL Certificate Bypass Attacks. Block MitM tools such as Charles Proxy, BURP Suite, NMAP, mitm proxy, Wireshark, and Metasploit.

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