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With Appdome's SecurePWA™, mobile brands and organizations can convert any responsive website into to secure Android and iOS App instantly. Transform mobile web and browsing experiences into a native app look and feel on both Android and iOS devices. Build, secure and distribute Web-to-Android & Web-to-iOS apps on the App Store or Google Play. Reach more users, gain a footprint on end user devices, and extend digital transformation strategies to include a mobile channel fast.

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Our Knowledge Base includes 500+ step-by-step guides to help you complete mobile app security, mobile anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-cheat, mobile anti-bot and mobile geo compliance projects with ease. Learn how to use Appdome, Appdome's CI/CD plugins, Certified Secure™ Mobile App Certification, ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, and Threat-Events™ to create beautiful user experiences when attacks happen.

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Request a Demo of Appdome's Secure PWA™ web-to-mobile conversion service. Bring the power of industry leading Android & iOS mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-bot, mobile geolocation and other defenses to your web-to-mobile app conversions. Stop the hackers and fraudsters who target your web-to mobile app conversion. Block their attempted attacks and fraud against your users and business.

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Certified Secure™ provides 100% automated, in-line, DevSecOps validation for Android & iOS apps in the CI/CD pipeline. It works with Appdome's 300+ mobile app security, anti-fraud, anti-malware, anti-bot, mobile geolocation and other defenses. It provide a continuous record of each defense model, change log and verification of required defenses in each mobile app build in the CI/CD pipeline. ​

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