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“Using Appdome, organizations can take the complexity out of integrating the SDK as part of the development process by instantly building Check Point’s mobile security into iOS and Android apps in seconds.”

Itai Greenberg, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Check Point

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Appdome for Check Point SandBlast App Protect (SBAP) eliminates the complexity of implementing mobile threat defense (MTD) in enterprise and consumer mobile apps. Using Appdome you don’t need to be a developer to implement SPAB in mobile apps. Organizations such as security operations, DevOps and mobile developers alike can instantly build Check Point’s mobile threat defense service into iOS and Android apps in seconds, without coding the SDK into the app.

Check Point SBAP protects against known and unknown mobile threats, including malicious apps, MiTM attacks, keylogging, mobile malware, OS vulnerabilities, command & control exploits, and more. By adding the SBAP SDK to mobile apps using Appdome, customers can instantly upgrade their mobile apps to recognize threats, assess risk, prevent compromise in a self-defending manner.

In addition, Appdome’s comprehensive no-code mobile app security suite is a perfect complement to Check Point SandBlast App Protect. Appdome’s mobile app security suite provides mobile data encryption, native and non-native code obfuscation, secure communication, OS integrity and more.
Use Appdome to instantly stop hacking attempts, reverse engineering, tampering and more, all without coding a thing.

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