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Appdome for F5 Anti-Bot Mobile SDK is a no-code integration solution that builds bot prevention into Android & iOS apps quickly and easily. Deliver F5 mobile bot defense into native and non-native apps fast, all without coding or compatibility limitations imposed by SDKs.

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Quickly and easily implement the full F5 Bot Protection SDK for mobile apps using a simple ‘click-to-implement’ UI. Enjoy a turnkey Android and iOS bot detection solution, without complexity and without development. Simply upload an app binary to Appdome, select the F5 Anti-Bot SDK, and click “Build My App”!

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Top Features of Appdome for F5 Anti-Bot SDK

Appdome for F5 Anti-Bot SDK is a no-code, guaranteed integration solution for Android and iOS apps. It is compatible with F5 WAF and Advanced WAF with bot protection from F5.

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Through our valuable partnership with Appdome, F5’s Anti-Bot Mobile SDK can be implemented in financial services and e-commerce apps in minutes, giving customers and mobile applications instant protection against bots and automated attacks.

Calvin Rowland, SVP of Business Development at F5

Appdome’s no-code mobile security platform enables customers to build and maintain the F5 SDK in minutes, without coding. The license to use Appdome for the F5 SDK is included in the license purchased from F5.

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  • Feature-by-Feature Description F5 Anti-bot prevention: Quickly add bot protection to mobile apps, without development or engineering resources.
  • Create a Customized Layered Defense for Your App: Combine F5 Anti-bot protection with Appdome’s other mobile app security features and create customized security models for your app, stop attacks, achieve compliance and gain competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate Mobile Security Projects: Implement F5 Anti-bot service in any Android or iOS app in seconds, without writing a single line of code.
  • Comprehensive Mobile Threat Protection: Get complete, zero-day protection against all known and unknown attack vectors, including local, device-level attacks, credential theft, static and dynamic analysis, network threats, and more.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: Control your budgets with a single, all-inclusive, annual subscription that protects your apps, build-by-build, release-by-release.

Download the free Appdome for F5 Anti-Bot Mobile solution guide and learn more!

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Live from F5 LATAM Summit – Partners Love MobileTRUST

July 11th, 2019|

I'm here with my Appdome teammates at the F5 LATAM Summit in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. At this annual event, F5 customers and partners from Central and South America and the Caribbean meet to discuss the latest in securing critical app resources. And the big theme this year is how customers can protect their mobile apps. The session from F5 technical expert Andrew Oteiza on Protecting Mobile Apps made a compelling case that the prevalence of Mobile Apps in LATAM has skyrocketed. [...]

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The average cost of a corporate data breach is a whopping $3.86 million, according to a 2018 report by the Ponemon Institute. With the proliferation of smartphones, it is safe to say that almost all knowledge workers regularly access corporate data from their mobile devices. More than that, it’s almost [...]

The F5 Agility Conference Was a Huge Success -Thanks!

August 24th, 2018|

F5 Agility’18 was by all accounts an amazing experience. The Appdome team was over-the-moon to hear so many conference participants immediately get Appdome’s core value proposition – accelerating app delivery and getting any service into mobile apps in a click.

  • Header-BadBotSad

Making Bad Bots Sad at F5 Agility

July 30th, 2018|

According to the Q1 2018 State of Mobile Fraud analysis from AppsFlyer, bots are now the most dangerous threat to mobile apps, responsible for over 30% of fraudulent installs. Appdome has partnered with F5 to simplify the implementation of the F5 Anti-Bot SDK to any Android and iOS app that wants to connect to a web server protected by F5’s Advanced WAF. The integration is instant and does not require any coding.

Explore the Knowledge Base to learn about F5 Mobile Anti-bot protection

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on how to add no-code F5 Anti-bot protection for Android and iOS apps built in Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, C++, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Cordova, Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and more.  Learn how to protect any Android and iOS app from attacks from malicious automated programs and ‘bad bots’ – FAST. Includes information on the patented technology powering the Appdome mobile security platform, plus illustrated guides, mobile developer tips and more.

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