No-Code Okta Cloud Identity For Mobile Apps

Learn how to add Okta SSO and Okta MFA
to Android and iOS apps, instantly, without coding.
No prerequisite for SAML, OIDC, OAuth required.

No-code Okta Identity Cloud, Okta SSO and Okta MFA for Mobile Apps

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What’s Inside the No-Code Okta Identity Cloud for Mobile Apps eGuide?

Appdome’s no-code Okta Identity Cloud for Mobile Apps solution is easy. Anyone can add Okta SSO and Okta MFA to any mobile app. Developers and non-developers can instantly add Okta services to Android and iOS apps in seconds, no code or coding required.

Appdome for Okta Identity Cloud gives IT and DevSecOps team an instant implementation of Okta SSO and Okta MFA to any Android and iOS app without coding. Using Appdome’s no-code Okta Identity Cloud for Mobile Apps offering, organizations simply upload an existing Android and iOS app binary. Then, using a point-and-click UI, easily add new authentication methods to the app. The mobile app will trust the newly added Okta SSO or Okta MFA service as if it was manually coded inside the app. Mobile apps fused with Appdome for Okta also enjoy cross-app identity using any authentication service, providing a true mobile SSO experience across all applications.

Appdome is fully compatible with mobile apps built in any development environment including native, hybrid and non-native apps. There is no prerequisite for SAML, OAuth, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect or other standards in the app.

Top Highlights

Add Okta SSO and Okta MFA Without Coding

Add Okta Identity Cloud to any Android and iOS app

Cross-App ID Shares Authentication State Across Apps

No Need to Manually Code SAML, OIDC, OAuth to Apps

More No-Code Mobile Authentication Options on Appdome

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