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Build Microsoft Intune SDK into Android and iOS Apps Fast

Using Appdome, enterprise IT and security teams can build Microsoft Intune SDK into internally developed and 3rd party mobile apps and deploy these apps inside Microsoft Endpoint Manager in minutes, no-code or wrapping required.

When your enterprise or workplace app absolutely, positively needs to be released on time with Microsoft Intune, enterprise app developers, internal enterprise IT and security professionals that know, trust Appdome.

Appdome’s No-Code Solution for Microsoft Intune SDK Delivers Everything IT and Security Teams Needs

Instant, No-Code Microsoft Intune SDK Integration

Deliver the full stack, latest and greatest Microsoft Intune SDK into Android and iOS apps in seconds without coding, SDKs or app wrappers. Support all Enterprise Business Unit and Line-of-Business apps apps with Microsoft Intune fast.  

Full Stack Feature Support for Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Make any iOS or Android app instantly compatible with the Microsoft Intune SDK and Microsoft Endpoint manager, including MSFT Identity services like Azure AD, Application Proxy, ADAL, MSAL and more – all without any coding. 

Guaranteed Enterprise Security Compliance

Overcome gaps between the Intune App SDK, mobile app features and development frameworks. Avoid dependencies, including resources, complex timelines or changes to your infrastructure. Pass penetration tests fast.

Watch the Video and Start Your Microsoft Intune Project Today

Quickly and easily implement the full Microsoft Intune App SDK to any mobile app using a simple ‘click-to-implement’ UI. Enjoy a turnkey Android and iOS Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution, without complexity or development. Simply upload an app binary to Appdome, select the Intune App SDK, and click “Build My App”!

Watch the Video and Start Your Microsoft Intune Project Today

Quickly and easily implement the full Microsoft Intune App SDK to any mobile app using a simple ‘click-to-implement’ UI. Enjoy a turnkey Android and iOS Microsoft Endpoint Manager solution, without complexity or development. Simply upload an app binary to Appdome, select the Intune App SDK, and click “Build My App”!

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See how easy it can be to deliver mobile apps inside Microsoft Intune

Appdome for Microsoft Intune is a do-it-yourself, full-featured mobile integration solution that supports mobile-IT, enterprise mobility and security organizations looking to migrate to Microsoft Endpoint Manager fast, reach more apps with Intune, add Azure AD, ADAL, MSAL or other authentication services, and solve compatibility gaps between Microsoft Intune and the apps, environments and systems in use at the enterprise. Request a Demo Today!

Microsoft Intune SDK Without Wrapping

Appdome enables organizations to implement the full functionality of the Intune App SDK without coding, app wrapping or other tools. Appdome is more resilient, scalable, and flexible than wrapping, and can accommodate multiple services and multiple vendors, including complex service combinations not possible with manually coding the SDK or wrapping.

Support Microsoft Mobile Authentication

Organizations that want a seamless authentication experience for Android and iOS apps can build Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), or MSAL along with the full Intune App SDK into any Android or iOS app, in a single click. Appdome also supports Microsoft on-premises (AD, ADFS, Kerberos, LDAP) or cloud-based (Azure AD) authentication services in combination with Intune in any iOS or Android app.

Microsoft Intune PLUS remote Access

Enterprise IT and security teams can build secure remote access solutions using TLS, Mobile client certificates, VPN replacement, Microsoft Azure Application Proxy, per app VPN and more into any iOS or Android app. Simply combine the Intune SDK with any remote access service on Appdome and click "Build my App" to deliver secure remote access to protected resources - all without the need for a VPN.

Fast and Easy Enterprise Security Compliance

Enterprise often require proof that the mobile apps used for work are secure and protected against compromise. To verify that workplace apps are secure, organizations are performing pen tests at the end of the release, to validate the app's security defenses. That's too late, and leaves no room to address deficiencies. With Appdome, organizations not only implement comprehensive mobile app security in minutes, without coding, but they can also guarantee, audit and prove that the required security features have been implemented in every build. Not only that, using Appdome, your enterprise app will pass that pen test every time!

Appdome Mobility Suite*

An Appdome proprietary service that offers Intune extensions that deliver guaranteed compatibility with mobile apps developed in any development environment, complex conditional access policies, VPN, latency-sensitive features such as VoIP, legacy frameworks, push notifications and more.

* Requires an additional license.


With BoostEMM, organizations can also add secure browsing, secure email, secure document sharing, and other Intune ecosystem services to Android and iOS apps so that apps use these services as if natively coded to the app.

* Requires an additional license.

Customers need to be confident that their sensitive data, employees’ identities, applications, infrastructure, and endpoints are always secure. We’ve invested in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to provide customers with more options that meet their unique security requirements.

Ryan McGee, Director of Microsoft Security Product Marketing

Appdome is a member of MISA (Microsoft Intelligent Security Association) - Get support for Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Get the Specs of Appdome for Microsoft Intune

Download the Appdome for Microsoft Intune solution guide today!
  • Feature-by-Feature Description of Appdome for Microsoft Intune: Add the Microsoft Intune App SDK to any Android and iOS app.
  • Create a Customized Layered Defense for Your App: Combine Microsoft Intune with Appdome Mobility Suite, BoostEMM and Mobile Permission Control features into customized management models for your app to achieve compliance and gain competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate Mobile Security Projects: Add any Android or iOS to Microsoft Endpoint Manager in seconds, to best fit your use case and do this without writing a single line of code.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Control your budgets with a single, all-inclusive, annual subscription that protects your apps, build-by-build, release-by-release.

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Appdome for Microsoft Intune

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