Case Study Securing Mobile Apps in Law Firms

Mobile apps in law firms are on the rise.
This case study shows how and why
major law firms use Appdome to
protect mobile apps.

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Mobile apps built for the legal industry

Everything from timekeeping apps, billing apps, document production apps and document sharing apps to collaboration apps, chat apps, note-taking apps and more are now in wide use in the legal services profession.

Mobile apps in law firms must be secured at every level. As more legal work goes mobile, risks to client data, confidentiality and professional responsibilities must be addressed by ensuring every level of the app and its data is protected. This case study describes how Appdome helps law firms satisfy their data protection and privacy obligations with respect to all mobile apps, ensuring privacy and security by design in every app – regardless of who built the app.

Learn How To:

Protect mobile app data in minutes

Secure mobile app code without coding

Add Mobility and SSO to any app in seconds

Ensure mobile data compliance easily

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