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Prevent Reverse Engineering

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Deliver mobile reverse engineering prevention with ease in DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

Explore all the Certify Secure™ mobile RASP, encryption, obfuscation, MiTM, jailbreak, root protections available to you.

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Cyber Defense Automation
Delivers Mobile Reverse Engineering Protection Better

Improve Mobile DevSecOps agility. Build anti-reverse engineering protection into Android & iOS apps in a dedicated system, purpose-built to deliver Certified Secure™ Anti-Reversing in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Then, watch anti-reversing protections at work against live attacks and threats in your production mobile apps. Pass mobile app penetration tests with ease. No Code, No SDK. In the demo, we’ll show you:

One Place, Anti-Reversing Defense

Build all the anti-reverse engineering features you need to protect the mobile business, mobile end users and pass penetration testing. Plug in Appdome's mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform into your existing DevOp CI/CD environment. Obfuscate native and non-native code and libraries, obfuscate app logic, rename methods, classes, functions. Also prevent dynamic reversing with anti-tampering, anti-debugging, emulator and simulator prevention, and more. No Code, No SDK required.

Better Delivery, Anti-Reversing

With a mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform, easily control, audit and orchestrate the release of reverse engineering prevention features into Android & iOS apps, by-build and by-release, inside DevOps CI/CD. DevSecOps gets its own system of record to create the anti-reverse engineering model, save, reuse, version, freeze and release the mobile app security model as part of each build in the CI/CD pipeline. Automated app sealing, app signing, user & build logging, Dev-APIs and more make delivery of anti-reversing in your DevOps CI/CD better.

ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR

With ThreatScope™ Mobile XDR, mobile brands and cyber teams can prove the mobile anti-reversing protections that were deployed in Android & iOS apps work against real live attacks and threats happening in production environments. With ThreatScope, mobile developers and cyber teams can also see all attacks and threats, including attacks from hackers, pen testers, malware, fraud and cheats and make data-based decisions on which protections to deploy next.

Certified Secure™ Protection

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ anti-reverse engineering certification, every mobile app build is certified-protected with the mobile anti-reversing and other protections built in Android & iOS apps inside Appdome's mobile Cyber Defense Automation platform. Certified Secure™ accelerates and upgrades DevSecOps strategies. The certificates are used in "go, no-go" release meetings, compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning and mobile pen testing to prove protections.