No-Code Mobile Cheat Prevention

Stop Fake Apps & Trojans
All Android & iOS Apps

Appdome’s DevSecOps build system delivers no-code protection against fake apps and trojan mobile apps inside the legitimate Android and iOS apps in the DevOps CI/CD pipeline. Fake apps & mobile app trojans are modified and repackaged versions of legitimate apps that contain malware, developed as cheats, or are used to trick people into performing actions and transactions in the malicious app. Defend your mobile brand, pass mobile app penetration tests and add in-app mobile protection to prevent fake and trojan native and framework based Android and iOS apps, including Swift, Flutter, React Native, Unity, Xamarin, Cordova and more quickly and easily, all from inside the DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

Contact us to learn how to combine fake and trojan app defense and Mobile Threat Intelligence in your Android and iOS mobile apps. No SDKs, no code, and no servers required.

Stop Fake Apps & Trojans with a DevSecOps Build System
Fully integrated with Mobile Threat Intelligence to Boot

Complete Defense to
Fake Apps & Trojan Apps

Prevent your Android and iOS app from becoming a trojan app, used to carry malicious code to your users’ mobile devices and turning your apps into weapons to launch attacks. Prevent anyone from re-packaging, re-signing, and publishing unauthorized versions of Android & iOS apps on malicious app stores. 

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Build Fake App & Trojan Defense in DevOps CI/CD

Enjoy fake app and trojan protection in a DevSecOps build system purpose-built for the DevOps CI/CD pipeline, full Dev-APIs, fake apps and trojan protection templating, versioning, code freeze, event & user logging, Certified Secure™ protection certification and scale for one, hundreds or thousands of mobile apps.

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Fully Integrated Fake App & Trojan Threat Intelligence

Keep track of hackers when they create or attempt to create fake apps & trojans impacting mobile customers and targeting your mobile business with Appdome’s Threat-Events™, for in-app attack intelligence and handling, or ThreatScope™, the industry’s only out of the box mobile app security operations center (SOC) for fake app & trojan defense. 

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Say No to Hackers
Creating Fake Apps &
Trojans from Your App

With Appdome’s mobile DevSecOps build system, mobile developers get a triple benefit of (1) deploying comprehensive fake apps & trojan protection inside Android and iOS apps with ease, (2) full analytics grade visibility into fake apps and trojans, and (3) being free from any coding, language, server, network and SDK based dependencies. 

Try Appdome’s no-code mobile cheat prevention solution and get the defenses against fake apps, trojans, mods, modding, hacks, code injection, key injection, memory injection and editing attacks, app players like BlueStacks, Frida Instrumentation, Frida Gadget, and cheat engines you need, fast. 

Looking for a faster and easier way to
Stop Fake Apps & Trojans in CI/CD?

Request a live demo of Appdome's no-code Mobile Fake Apps & Trojan Prevention solution and see how fast and easy it is to build fake apps and trojan defense in Android & iOS apps in a DevSecOps build system. Deliver Certified Secure™ defense against fake apps, modifications, re-signing, guarantee the integrity of your real mobile apps and more in DevOps CI/CD. Simplify mobile DevSecOps. Keep full control over the mobile user experience. No SDKs, no servers required.

Block Non-AppStore and Google Play Signing

On Appdome, choose Apple AppStore or Google Play signature validation to guarantee that only the true mobile developer and publisher has code signed the legitimate Android and iOS apps. Apple App Store and Google Play code signature validation ensures that the real app will not be used to create a fake mobile app, or become trojan app, after the app is published to the public app store. Appdome validates that apps code signed for Apple App Store and Google Play cannot be distributed through any other app stores or methods.

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Block Modifications to Real Android & iOS Apps

On Appdome, add runtime bundle validation inside Android & iOS apps to stop hackers from modifying legitimate iOS and Android apps to create fake and trojan versions that compromise and attack mobile users, weaponize mobile apps, and distribute malware inside apps. Runtime bundle and file validation confirms the integrity of the mobile apps to ensure that no changes have been made to the legitimate bundles, files, resources and other executables in the mobile app after it is published.

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Protect Your Brand, User Experience & Trust

When mobile consumers trust your app, they are more likely to download and use your app in their daily lives. Preventing your Android app from being published in non-official or malicious app stores guarantees that your mobile brand remains strong. Using Appdome to validate the integrity and checksum of each file in the app bundle means Android and iOS users get the experience you intended and you preserve the mobile ARPU, LTV and other metrics needed from your app.

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Protect Mobile User Acquisition Strategies

Mobile user or consumer acquisition takes work. Mobile fakes and mods undermine your mobile user acquisition strategies and increase the cost of mobile user acquisition. Block others from redistributing fake or cloned or modified versions of your app on malicious or alternative app stores, stealing your users and making it harder to attract users to your mobile app. Prevent anyone from copying your app, stealing your IP, re-packaging, re-signing, and publishing unauthorized versions of Android & iOS apps on malicious app stores.

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Certified Secure™ with Every Build

With Appdome's Certified Secure™ mobile app security certification, every mobile app release is certified-protected with the mobile piracy and other protections added to Android and iOS apps on Appdome. Certified Secure™ is the perfect complement to DevSecOps strategies. It can be used in "go, no-go" release meetings, compliance verification and to reduce reliance on code scanning services.

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Block Mobile App Tampering

Stop mod and cheat creators from researching your app and understanding how your apps works (static analysis) or running your app and observing its behavior (dynamic analysis) and creating the fake version of your app to serve as the trojan, mod or cheat (tampering). Appdome delivers total protection against static and dynamic anti-tampering, anti-patching, anti-hooking, and prevent app modification.

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Explore the Fake Apps & Trojans Prevention Knowledge Base

Find detailed “step-by-step” instructions on how to protect Android and iOS apps and mobile businesses against all types of mobile fraud – including click fraud, ad fraud, piracy, game cheating, fakes/mods/clones/malware apps. Appdome works with ALL iOS and Android apps built in any development framework/environment without changing how you build the app. No coding, No SDK, No separate apps required. Learn how to prevent mobile fraud in minutes for any app.
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Protect Native and Framework-Based Android & iOS Apps in DevOps CI/CD with Ease