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Using Appdome’s Security build system, you can deliver comprehensive mobile app shielding and runtime application security protections (RASP) inside Android and iOS apps, no coding, no SDKs, no gateways, or device attestation services required. 

Stop hackers, beat penetration tests in Android and iOS with protections added right inside the DevOps pipeline with ease. Meet release timelines. Satisfy internal and industry security requirements fast.

Ask about these other top features of Appdome's no-code Mobile App Shielding Protections


Prevent Android and iOS apps from tampering, including methods to create, re-package, re-distribute fake, trojan, modified or malicious versions of existing apps. Deploy security checks inside Android and iOS apps that detect pathing, hooking, dependencies, shell-code and more.


Stops hackers from conducting static and dynamic analysis. Block reverse-engineering of mobile apps with the intent of learning how the app works. Block common penetration test (pen testing) and hacking tools like IDA, Hopper and deploy code obfuscation quickly and easily without any decoration or SDK.

Prevent Simulators and Emulators

Leverage Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) security features to stop hackers from using simulators and emulators to launch apps, weaponize apps or instrument exploits. Optionally add protection to common Android players to stop Memu, Nox and Bluestacks.


Leverage Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) security features to prevent debugging tools from attaching, instrumenting or running the mobile app to safeguard against dynamic research, breakpoints and other methods to hack apps.